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  1. RavenX447

    UK Orders

    I was wondering, with so much speculation going around about the Cybertruck and all the going’s on around it How many orders are there in the UK at this time ? Is is possible to extrapolate ( nice word) this from the database ( I’m not that techie minded) I really just want to really be a real...
  2. RavenX447

    Orders by country/State/Region

    Hi all had a look at the spreadsheet today as I was curious about the number of CT’s ordered in different countries/ states/Regions and of course the UK now I will admit I’m absolutely hopeless at Excel? so didn’t get anywhere! can anyone shed some light on Numbers or maybe a scoreboard of...
  3. RavenX447

    Uk Pricing !

    Hello to all my fellow CT potential owners ive got to say, I haven’t found a confirmed UK pricing structure anywhere on the web? I’ve just added FSD Option to my Pre Order ( for the hell of it?) at £5800 but no pice confirmed for the actual Truck, should I be worried? how many Uk orders are...