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  1. CybertruckinDave

    $TSLA The sell-off continues-what's wrong?

    FUD noise. It's pervasive and constant. Watch Rob Mauer (at Tesla Daily) for a dose of truth in fundamentals. Regardless of the idiosyncrasies of its largest stock holder, Tesla is poised for a 50% growth rate even this year (it's going to be brutal for everyone else). Relax and get ready to...
  2. CybertruckinDave

    If Quad Motor Cybertruck is $89,900, are you still in?

    Yes, I’d be “in”. I would like a front winch, tow package & midgate (because I have large dogs that should not be jumping in or out of cars- joint issues) but it ultimately comes down to the mileage, technology included and build quality. Yes, I know the Tesla reputation for questionable build...
  3. CybertruckinDave

    Same old story on CT update

    2.167 years to be precise, because it was Nov. 2019. Ramp up of other models or not, percentage yet to be designed vs. engineered notwithstanding, if it starts production in 2023 we have a year to wait. I’m not in a hurry.
  4. CybertruckinDave

    Same old story on CT update

    It is surprising to me that people don’t pick up on the subtle (and not so subtle) hints that Tesla is constantly “leaking” to give all us eagerly awaiting customers some kind of news. There is a new prototype just delivered to Giga Texas. Elon (and now Joe Rogan) have driven it, both remarking...
  5. CybertruckinDave

    Same old story on CT update

    November 2019, the world was humming along, producing and innovating, the consumer engine was a juggernaut most folks were certain was on an ever-increasing trajectory... and then came Covid-19, cryptocurrency mining, severe weather events leading to chip fab production fires & shutdowns...
  6. CybertruckinDave

    USS Kitty Hawk Steel for CyberTruck?

    The carrier, USS Kittyhawk, left its storage facility, in Bremerton Washington, this last weekend. It is currently travelling to Texas to be dismantled for scrap. Given that Steel Dynamics uses a significant portion of recycled steel to make its rolled steel products, with Tesla as one of...
  7. CybertruckinDave

    Cybertruck Final Iteration Reveal Date and Production Questions

    I purchased a Daihatsu Rocky "back in the day" and had a blast with it whether on the "Volley Ball Run" from Seattle to San Diego, in little over 21 hours, or off-roading on the Olympic Peninsula. It was capable in both adventures. It was solidly built, rugged when needed, and stylish (for...
  8. CybertruckinDave

    Rear Wheel Steering

    Rear wheel steering could have been on the last iteration design at time of the announcement that “final design is complete” and Mr. Musk has been saving it to tease us reservation holders. In a high-stakes poker game such as this, one would be foolish to reveal their entire hand before the...
  9. CybertruckinDave

    How many are getting the solar option

    I live west of Seattle and our home has a 9.7kW solar system that creates ~10-11MW per year but we face due-south, towards the top of a (mostly) treeless hill. I would be interested in getting the solar panel option as I have seen how well our solar array works. There is no "if" about...
  10. CybertruckinDave

    How many are getting the solar option

    Live in WA state and have a home solar array already. It has proven its worth in our "neck of the woods" and I know what to expect from an array. Certainly, efficiency vs. price is a concern but I'm up for considering it when Tesla announces the final 3 motor version specs. Will keep everyone...