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  1. How many tires fit in Cybertruck bed? 8 according to new sighting photos (2/3/23)! 🛞

    When the CT is built with using production castings in Austin then we will be seeing production versions. It will probably be late spring before castings are ready.
  2. IDRA shipping a 9k Ton Gigapress to Asia!

    There will be limited production of CT in 2023. If the CT requires the 9kton GP for both the rear and front castings then perhaps they will just swap the tool (die) after a month or so and build enough castings for limited production this year. It is probable that everyone is now considering...
  3. Cybertruck Body Prototype Casting spied uncovered!! 😲

    CT may have electric brakes. The cab is sealed (to float) so no seals required for drive by wire systems
  4. Cybertruck Body Prototype Casting spied uncovered!! 😲

    These could only be production die castings if they were test castings from IDRA and they happened to have the tool (mold) which I doubt. They could be surrogate sand or possibly investment castings for setting up the assembly line tooling.
  5. PSA: Cybertruck body shell exoskeleton is not one contiguous piece of bent steel

    robotic welding is done where folks are kept out. It could be possible to do the welding in an O2 free environment to prevent discoloration on the far side (cosmetic side) of the welds. An airlock chamber would be required but without pressurization or just a few Pa above atmospheric pressure...
  6. New Cybertruck Body Shell photos taken INSIDE Giga Texas! 🤳

    with 300 series SS you can anneal using heat but this would not be necessary. 301 SS can be full hard (work hardening) but grades like 304L can only be work hardened to 1/4 - 1/2 hard so it has good properties and can still get minor bends stamped into the parts. The tech challenges will...
  7. 9k Ton IDRA Gigapress For Cybertruck Has ARRIVED IN USA!

    It takes months to get a casting machine up and running. Also, each machine appears to have a dedicated mold assigned to it. I would expect the CT rear casting to be larger thus requiring the larger gigapress. Will the front casting also require the 9kton press? They may be making parts for...
  8. Anti-EV idiocy

    I live in East Mesa AZ, it is not too difficult to guess her tribal affiliation and news sources so concerns about the environment or macro health concerns are just hoaxes to her. Since this a Tesla related forum we can understand that change is mostly being driven by Tesla not any state...
  9. Anti-EV idiocy

    A neighbor was angry at me when I told her that EVs will largely replace ICE vehicles. She then went on an emotional rant about the government forcing her to drive an EV. While it could be argued that the govt forced us to land folks on the moon I don't recall the American gulags containing...
  10. Cybertruck reportedly getting better stainless steel material -- from 30X s.s. to 304L

    30x SS sheet is sold annealed (softer) in rolls. The "L" in the designation refers to a lower carbon content which improves welding. 300 series SS can be work hardened to gain greater strength (tensile/yield). Some 300 alloys like 301 can be fully hardened while 304/304L can get half hard...
  11. Tesla removed from the S&P 500 ESG index

    Tesla is down much more than the general market and it dived following the twitter announcement. I doubt irked liberals are driving the price down and conservatives are not driving the price up. More likely that folks are losing confidence in Musk.
  12. Let's come up with an alternative Beautiful Awesome Wiper for Elon

    "If ya’ll are thinking this truck is being designed by the captain of the high school football team you are smoking crack." ...or Wipers were missing on the first prototype. Either they forgot or adding wipers would have added complications to the look of the prototype- offending the...
  13. Let's come up with an alternative Beautiful Awesome Wiper for Elon

    It was inexcusable in the industrial design phase a few years ago to not include wipers as a design requirement. I am glad they at least included wheels. There is nothing wrong with BAW as is but it really looks like tape on a nerd's glasses.
  14. Giga Texas/ Integrated Circuit Diagram

    CT could also follow parallel to MY in stamping, hooking up with casting in body... then head west. Future production would allow for expansion for CT, Semi and bots. Semi assembly: some parts from stamping then going west to the central part.
  15. Same old story on CT update

    much of the problem with chip shortages is that they use alternate chip which often requires changes to code and pcb design. This is not trivial work. The good news is that perhaps they are getting a jumpstart on 4th generation motherboard.
  16. Same old story on CT update

    This, IMO, was an excellent post. "While I am incredibly impressed with the progress so far, the next 1% of improvement will take another 90% of the time and effort spent thus far." This is the profound rule of thumb in product development. A prototype, a concept probably on a model X...
  17. Cybertruck Photos Leaked! ? [Added: Video Showing Whole Truck -- Rear & Bed]

    The slope and curve of the frunk hood will not permit a reflection into the cab with the possible exception: The sun is near the horizon and you are going uphill.
  18. ? Quad Motor Cybertruck and Crab Walk (Independent Front & Rear Wheel Steering) Confirmed!!

    Get the MY either way... My wife loves it and when I told her I still am getting the CT she looked sad for a moment and asked if that meant selling our MY. It turns out the correct answer is no- you will still have YOUR car (and thanks for letting me drive it sometimes).
  19. WSJ Live w/ Elon: Cybertruck will our best product ever; U.S. EV subsidies should be canned; & more....

    cash for ICE klunkers... People are buying new ICE vehicles now that will be hard to sell in 5-10 years and then with less ICE vehicles on the road there will be less gas stations, etc. as the dominos fall. Oh there will be great gnashing of teeth! But I agree that this will hurt lower and...
  20. WSJ Live w/ Elon: Cybertruck will our best product ever; U.S. EV subsidies should be canned; & more....

    I hope I wasn't coming across as sarcastic. I doubt that Elon has comprehensive plan for our economy but speaks for his own self-interest. Subsidies for his competitors is not in his interest.