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  1. Tesla and Auto Shows

    FROM THE GLOBE AND MAIL: "Shows are still an expensive place to be, too. The bigger the show, the bigger the costs. At Frankfurt, the huge halls devoted to showcase the home-town brands of Volkswagen and Daimler were estimated to cost those exhibitors upwards of $40-million each; at New York, a...
  2. Tesla and Auto Shows

    Makers have to pay big bucks to rent floor space at these shows. So it's a form of advertising, and Tesla doesn't advertise. Which is one reason why my next vehicle will be a Tesla. If I bought anything else, I'd be paying back to the maker what it spent to get me to buy it.
  3. Elon's plan to sell 10% of his shares in Tesla...

    I read in some place authoritative that Tesla makes nothing from selling cars but from offsets or permits or something of that ilk. Can somebody explain?
  4. Tesla’s Growth could be Headed for a U-Turn

    No -- no. Tesla stock is ready to tank bigtime! Sell sell sell! Please. Because, as the father said when he entered the ice-cream store with his kiddies, "I'm buyin'!"
  5. A Unionized Tesla Workforce Could Benefit All Parties

    Is Texas a "Right to Work" state, or is it a pro-union one? Does Texas still require new vehicles to be sold only at dealerships? Are any dealerships unionized?
  6. A Unionized Tesla Workforce Could Benefit All Parties

    Agree. Value of unions can depend on the culture and union's orientation. For instance, German and especially Japanese unions are collaborative whereas North American ones can and sometimes do impede employer success.
  7. Should Tesla Do Paid Advertising?

    Totally agree. It's not a matter of the amount. (I expect Tesla is about to rake in such huge profits that advertising would be an expense write-off that would cost them near nothing anyway.) It will be a source of pride that my driving a Tesla was not due to some Mad-Men types researching how...
  8. Tesla is under scrutiny by regulators in China over battery fires, unexpected acceleration, and more

    "My initial thoughts on the article were that China was trying to renegotiate the deal they have with Tesla and needed something to bargain with." Hold onto your initial thoughts. To put it simply, in Phase 1, Musk puts money into China. Phase 2: Musk starts recouping his huge investment by...
  9. Elon Musk scoffs at number of MBAs running corporate America: 'Get out there on the g**damn front line' and 'show employees that you care'

    "... get out there ... front line ...." That's common practice in Japanese factories, where the execs take turns donning the company uniform and spending time at a lowly station on the line, sometimes getting their hands dirty. Not sure Musk appreciates the symbolism. The other workers...
  10. Elon vs IG Metall Union - Who will win?

    Re your last sentence, T.C., I know of a case where an employee was unionized against his wish, later had a problem with management, and was saved by the union! What is "KZ"?
  11. Elon vs IG Metall Union - Who will win?

    "I think all of Toyota plants in the U.S. are non-union." Yes, and the repeated attempts to unionize Toyota plants in Canada have been rebuffed by the employees.
  12. Elon vs IG Metall Union - Who will win?

    Surely German car unions aren't all that harmful to the industry since the most important vehicle makers in Europe (if not the world) are in Germany. Similar for Japan. But England and North America might be a different story and I fear that unionizing the Austin plant would be disastrous.
  13. Tesla and the price of ICE trade ins

    Will likely depend on two unknowns: the price of liquid fuel and the success of vaccines.
  14. Want to invest in electric cars? GM could be a better bet than Tesla

    Can anybody guess how much the Texas plant will cost Tesla to open? And how much profit Tesla would make on each CT sold? I would guess (with no training or credentials to do so) that the costs -- spending over a year on the massive fleet of construction equipment and operators; the stamping...
  15. full steering wheel?

    The more the control rotates, the rounder it should be. Aircraft bank-controls, often termed yokes (though they're just part of the yoke), can generally rotate only some 40--80 degrees cw or ccw, a fraction of a car-wheel's rotational excursions (though lock-to-lock is decreasing due to power...
  16. Tesla Insurance - Good Plan?

    Absolutely yes -- if your policy (which you presumably have a copy of) clearly stipulates it's void if, in the insurer's opinion based on the "black box," you were driving recklessly.
  17. Tesla Insurance - Good Plan?

    If you drive a Tesla, it collects driving info anyway, so if your pattern is what they consider low risk, you might as well benefit from that. (If you're bothered by "personal" information being collected by your car, don't drive any recent one, especially a Tesla.)
  18. Tesla Insurance - Good Plan?

    "You are REQUIRED to have Insurance to drive." Gotta say yes and no to that. (And add generally, because I don't know every jurisdiction's requirements.) Some minimum amount for liability, yes. But you can decline all other coverage they try to sell you, such as collision and comprehensive.
  19. Tesla Insurance - Good Plan?

    Right, Steven, but when it comes to privacy "intrusions," don't underestimate the prevalence of paranoia.