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  1. Video: Tonneau cover closing on Cybertruck Beta!

    This is not the case as far as I can see. With the vault open, you can see the seats in the back. When the vault is closing, you can still see the seats and there is no motion in that area. It must be rolled up somewhere up above the back seat, but I can't see where.
  2. Video: Tonneau cover closing on Cybertruck Beta!

    Wait. Where does the cover go when it is open? We can clearly see the back seats when the cover is open, so does it just curl up in the back roof? It seems like a rather thick cover. I'm guessing it's magic. . . ;)
  3. Cybertruck 900V architecture confirmed?

    Hi. Are you sure this is true? It's been a long time since I had physics, but I remember Voltage = I(amps) * R (resistance). If we use the same amps for a given process, I = V/R. Therefore, if you increase the voltage, you can increase resistance (smaller wires) without affecting the...
  4. Car designer Frank Stephenson's view on the Cybertruck

    I think this is the best example of reason by analogy versus first principles. Stephenson says how cars have to reflect nature, but never stops to ask WHY it has to reflect nature. He says the future is created, and states designs must last 10 years, when every knows that designs become...