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  1. Jow

    Drag Race Video: Cybertruck vs. Semi!

    that's not a drag race, that's a parade
  2. Jow

    I sold my truck to make way for the Cybertruck! Who else is making moves?

    got my 95k mile 2007 FJ presold to my brother's buddy who has another one. told him i gotta wait for the CT and make sure there's no immediate recall, been there/done that before with a few toys.
  3. Jow


    looove the no-window-frames look on those open doors
  4. Jow

    How will you customize your Cybertruck?

    i'd like to see a DIY wrap company pop up, i'm sure we'll see them. hang out in the garage and add your fun wrap for July 4th, Christmas, sports stuff, Family Truckster, beach patrol, moon buggy, whatever! maybe even just some stripes. i'm thinking if the basic kit could be $300 or below...
  5. Jow

    Cybertruck FULL FRONT VIEW! (2/9/23)

    how about this, hood goes up, front swings down like a tailgate, but a “frontgate” to do work on, sit and put your golf shoes on, tailgate, etc, etc. this setup even beats ford, imo.
  6. Jow

    Master Plan 3 Coming March 1 on Investor Day

    yeah with the big guy saying they're still tweaking, i really doubt we're going to see anything final on the truck this early
  7. Jow

    How many tires fit in Cybertruck bed? 8 according to new sighting photos (2/3/23)! 🛞

    you'll have to sell your GS for a Metacycle, lol
  8. Jow

    Yoke vs. steering wheel

    can't say i've read any benefits, or what people who have them REALLY like about them, other than they're cool or different. or "it takes some getting used to, now i love it".. okay... why, dammit?! for real, let's hear some real-world benefits. i'm leaning toward one just because it's...
  9. Jow

    IDRA 9000T Giga Press Already Almost Fully Assembled in Giga Texas!

    might be cool if it's something as simple as a red or green scotchbrite
  10. Jow

    IDRA 9000T Giga Press Already Almost Fully Assembled in Giga Texas!

    man, i hope they have factory tours at pickup!
  11. Jow

    New Video shows MidGate !?!

    no shit
  12. Jow

    New Video shows MidGate !?!

    i've been wondering about the BAW, and if they'd put it over on the passenger side, ala SEMI
  13. Jow

    Shipping early 2023? Bring It!

  14. Jow

    9000T Cybertruck GigaPress Open House Pictures

    probably 100s of millions, look what a new fighter jet cost
  15. Jow

    9000T Cybertruck GigaPress Open House Pictures

    anybody have any idea what this thing cost?
  16. Jow

    NEW | Nice Clean Non-Potato Shot of The Cybertruck in Giga Texas

    nice, but sure would like to see a liiiiitle bit more equipment in that background, unless that's for future growth, lol