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  1. D8Rider

    Cybertruck now available in China

    Well, actually that is a probability - BMW is going to produce the iX3 in China ... I wouldn't be suprised if Tesla will build some Cybertrucks locally for local market - if they have the production capacity, why not?
  2. D8Rider

    Recovered Cybertruck Hater

    Hi! Of course you are forgiven! Most important is what you felt once you finally encounter the beast! Was it intense?! :) I am a bit jealous now: I wish we could see some CBTRK exposed in Europe too - even replicas 1:1 size would do. D8
  3. D8Rider

    Incredible Cybertruck Fan Made Spec Ad - "It Came From Beyond"

    Amazing video quality, sound and cut - I love it when Starman turns his head to the CBTRK 😄 :alien: D8
  4. D8Rider

    You can now Pre - Order a 1:17 scale model of Cybertruck

    So 499.00 + import taxes for European countries (+ 21% = 100,00 usd!) + government fees for handling the parcel and admin = 10 usd ) so in total we are talking about 609.00 USD for a small CBTRK toy ... hm.... how to say ..... No thx! This is far too expensive but good luck with the project...
  5. D8Rider

    New Members Welcome Area!

    Hello from Czech Republic Here they sell Tesla, but not yet the Model Y - so I ordered a Dual Motor with delivery in Paris :) then I will do the drive to Czech Republic in Autopilot just for the sake of testing it on 1200 km Cannot wait to use the feature "come to me" with this beast in the...
  6. D8Rider

    Will the Cybertruck be allowed to drive in Europe?

    Hello @Niels W - How can you see how many CBTRK were ordered in your country? I ordered my fall of 2019 in Czech Republic, not sure how many ordered here but I guess not too many - would be curious to check that out Cheers D8