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  1. SpaceYooper

    📡 EXCLUSIVE: Cybertruck specs update including dimensions, seating, displays, tires / wheels, accessories & more! [from video aired 3/10/23]

    How does one get used to not looking at the road ahead? I "upgraded" my f150 head unit to one that is all touch screen. I can't stand it. It takes twice as long to change the volume...if I put my finger in the right to begin with and don't get me started on the environmental controls. I get...
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    📡 EXCLUSIVE: Cybertruck specs update including dimensions, seating, displays, tires / wheels, accessories & more! [from video aired 3/10/23]

    I have a feeling this is a hyped up nothing burger to get a bunch of people watching and promoting his channel. I won't be watching for fear of "Tesla employee standing next to truck states the bed is 4'x6' " and other such news. And just to clarify; I don't have an issue promoting channels...
  3. SpaceYooper

    This time next year: what will everyone be discussing

    Reliability...the good, the bad.
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    I ordered a SIX seater, not FIVE seats

    I don't think it looks like an eyesore anymore than a normal armrest. I'm not sure what functionality you gain without the center seat (maybe deeper storage) but I know what functionality you lose. Regarding the coffee statement; every full-size truck I've been in has additional cup holders...
  5. SpaceYooper

    Cybertruck Body Prototype Casting spied uncovered!! 😲

    We are looking at the same thing and coming to different conclusions. I agree about the frunk. Looks like it will have easy access.
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    Cybertruck Body Prototype Casting spied uncovered!! 😲

    Based on what? I can't tell if there is room in sails from the wiring image at all. What makes you think there isn't?
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    ...and work terribly I have 0 concerns with this. All tailgates have corners. It's the damn trailer hitch that will get your shins. But again, that's all hitches, not a specific concern to the CT.
  8. SpaceYooper

    Confirmed Cybertruck specs: 5% smaller, 6x4 bed size, 5 seats, frunk, no pass through & more... (info from Tesla employee at Investor Day)

    I was not expecting much solid info on the CT from this event, and not much was delivered other than the 48V news. I'm not convinced the bed is exactly 4' x 6'. I know it was stated by an employee, but no actual specs were posted and I have yet to see someone actually measure it. So I'm going...
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    Ram 1500 REV REVEALED! 📸 Deposit placers — Join others here! 🙋🏻‍♂️

    I watched a video today and they mentioned the RAM EV actual reveal coming in a few months and that it would have the best in class stats for towing, payload, and range. Said it will be in production in 2024. I'm not sure about any of it. And I'm still really disappointed in their hyped-up...
  10. SpaceYooper

    Bought TSLA stock today

    I don't disagree that spaceX will ever be made public. I take an interest in other things space related, but not to the point that I'd want to invest in them. I don't generally invest in wall street. I just had this $ sitting in another fund that I hadn't contributed to in over a decade so I...
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    Bought TSLA stock today

    I'm not going to Mars. But as a lifelong space professional, about the only thing I obsess over more then the CT, is spaceX. IT IS AWESOME. So I'd buy it if it was made public.
  12. SpaceYooper

    Chinese CyberTruck T-Mad with 600 mile range

    Gives me even more hope that if something with crappy aerodynamics like this can get 600 miles then surely the CT we'll be getting this year will give us 500 miles!
  13. SpaceYooper

    Will FSD full self driving get priority on deliveries?

    Personal opinion; I think it will matter. Lot's of profit for Tesla in FSD. However, I don't think there are that many people that did not opt in to FSD, so maybe Tesla won't care if the buyer opted for it or not. Most likely they are most concerned with who is committed to the purchase.
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    Bought TSLA stock today

    That's crazy good timing. Congratulations.
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    Elon: Cybertruck will have Autopilot HW4. Production still coming in Summer. Beta Cybertrucks coming next month. CT will be Musk's personal vehicle

    I like it. It's conservative, but I'd point out the last day of summer is Sept 22nd. So production may not start until later in your chart. Also, I am not sure what the timeline is from production to delivery, but I am hopeful that deliveries look something like this. Deliveries...