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  1. BigAl

    48v Battery for Cybertruck!

    If we had continue to think like this a while back, we'd still be using horse and buggy.
  2. BigAl

    48v Battery for Cybertruck!

    AHHH.... but that is also what they said about the electric car..... hhhmm, something to ponder here.
  3. BigAl

    Ford announces 'Project T3' next-gen electric truck and BlueOval City

    True he hasn't opened it all up... but it's way better for non-Tesla owners than it was before. @HaulingAss... think you are missing the point... true the price of a Tesla is not for everyone, but I do believe they are working on that... however, you can not knock a Good product when you see...
  4. BigAl

    Ford announces 'Project T3' next-gen electric truck and BlueOval City

    Look, this should not be an Elon thing or Tesla thing... I look at capability and efficiency... right now Tesla is killing it in both categories.. but that doesn't mean that if there was another company who could do as good or better then the top seated company I would shun them. Its all about...
  5. BigAl

    Ford announces 'Project T3' next-gen electric truck and BlueOval City

    Did I just hear Ford is going to make a truck that looks like nothing you have ever seen before???? Are they seriously taking a page out of Tesla's playbook??? This will be very interesting. I must say I'm glad they are going in this direction... competition is always a good thing... keeps...
  6. BigAl

    CGI: Cybertruck driving in NYC on FDR Drive (Video)

    Fake... watch lines disappear under rear tire @ .03 sec... nice try.
  7. BigAl

    Would you delay purchase if the dual motor is first?

    Holding out for the greater.... Quad or Tri.
  8. BigAl

    How will you customize your Cybertruck?

    So with all you "EXPERTS" out there, please help me out here... I've always been one to tint all my windows even the front with clear tint for heat reduction. I was told by many people that you have to be careful tinting the top glass as it may retain heat and crack if you tint it too dark...
  9. BigAl

    What Wall Charger to Buy???

    I know... it was a HAHA
  10. BigAl

    What Wall Charger to Buy???

    Can you imagine a residential version of a MegaCharger... can you see it sitting right next to your AC units!!!
  11. BigAl

    I sold my truck to make way for the Cybertruck! Who else is making moves?

    Sold my 2017 F-150 limited with 32K on it last November and picked up a 2011 MKS in the meantime to prepare for the CT (may use it as a trade in when ready), and since the big dip in MY, sold my wife's 2017 Edge sport last month for a MY to be delivered between 20 Feb - 20 March.... Just got the...
  12. BigAl

    Cybertruck interior video

    I spy with my little eye... Is that passenger Lumbar support I see????
  13. BigAl

    Cybertruck FULL FRONT VIEW! (2/9/23)

    I just love it more and more.... and I don't even know what it will really be able to do.... All expectations low = actual delivery high!!!
  14. BigAl

    Best current vehicle manuals to read as a non-Tesla owner who will be getting a Cybertruck?

    And manuals for their cars as well... Happy reading!!!
  15. BigAl

    Full red brake light bar on production Cybertruck confirmed by Elon

    I believe he said it would come standard at the time...
  16. BigAl

    Some Fire Depts think Teslas are so safe regarding fires that they use Teslas themselves to respond to incidents

    I could see a CT with a small water tank mounted in the vault to respond with its speed and agility to an incident until the full-size trucks get there. Would be interesting to say the least.
  17. BigAl

    Full red brake light bar on production Cybertruck confirmed by Elon

    So now that that is settled... who's gonna ask about the front laser light above the driver... let's get the confirmed.
  18. BigAl

    Smaller windshield wiper spotted in latest Tesla Cybertruck video? Also without door handles.

    It will be dialed in for delivery... just getting the adaptive steering fine tuned.