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  1. SparkChaser

    Ventilated seats and massaging seats possible for Cybertruck?

    All good points, but why is it the Arizona parking lots, every one of them, is not a solar farm. My Aunt lives in Prescott.
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    Cybertruck labeled "side-show cult car" for superfans by analyst

    you can us the tapatalk app to access web based forums.
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    Second 9kT IDRA Press looks to be arriving at Giga Austin!

    I live in the city and Parking will be challenging but not impossible. Now I am out in Ingleside so not downtown. We have the Mini Cooper for that.
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    📡 EXCLUSIVE: Cybertruck specs update including dimensions, seating, displays, tires / wheels, accessories & more! [from video aired 3/10/23]

    I will be using a heads up display, Phone based or other. I am very disappointed with a single screen for all info. We have a min Cooper and the huge speedometer in the center is just silly. I use the tach behind the wheel. Maybe this??? AUXOAUDIOTEK Tesla Head Up Display for Model Y/3 Tesla...
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    The comparison has been done many times on the #, X and Y. The promise of a faster ramp on the CT is what we are all hoping for.
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    Midgate a No-Go (Assuming Tonneau Patent)?

    well that glass in the back is not going to hold back that much but I agree the idea of 5k in the bed and not bulkhead seems like a bad idea but that never stopped anyone. Bad Ideas are how you get experience. Experience is how you make good choices....
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    Offer a 5 - or 6-seat option for voting of the Cybertruck

    Split bench is usually connected to one of the seats, usually the driver's seat. I can understand that 3 independent seats would be pretty wide, but a console or monolithic seat is not something I want. I really hope for clearance from the front "firewall" to the rear bulkhead to keep it all...
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    Secret Cybertruck accessories parts team: What do you want them to make?

    The frunk could actually be huge. The shock pillars and the components behind the dash are the only things I see that would be in this space. A pull out kitchen or other option. SO much potential.
  9. SparkChaser

    Let's get down to the real or imagined demand for a Midgate

    The issue for me is that space is there with no middle front seat you could safely store and transport vey long lumber, pipes or other things. No transmission hump to get in the way it is a natural to have access to that space. The other issue for me personally is camping access to climate...
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    Drag Race Video: Cybertruck vs. Semi!

    Who was flying the drone?
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    Folding rear seats (& center seat) confirmed in new Cybertruck patent! Points to possible pass through?

    I am holding out hope for a mid gate. The idea of having tracks that are outboard of the mid gate opening would still allow travel from below the floor for the cover. It can be done but it is going to be a delicate dance of movement and hinges.
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    4 wheel steering Cybertruck driving video from Tesla Cyber Rodeo event

    Hard to tell with the contrast and back lighting. I think I see it but it may be wishful thinking.
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    New Members Welcome Area!

    Welcome to the fun.
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    Any way to search site for this order number?

    You are about 180,000 ahead of me and the estimate is April 24 for me. That is not a realistic number. I am thinking more like June 2025 for me and maybe December 2024 for you? This is all just guess work at this point. the start of deliveries and the ramp will be what to watch.
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    Tesla bull investor estimates 10,000 Cybertruck deliveries in 2023... you taking over or under?

    Here is what I get: Based on your reservation number of RN113187141, you are #443042 in line for your Cybertruck! However, there are factors that will implement your estimated delivery date. These factors, such as your region (us-north-america) and your drivetrain choice (dual-motor) will...
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    Off-Road Mode (Like Track Mode but for Off Roading)

    I guess I missed the bulletin on it. New to me.
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    Off-Road Mode (Like Track Mode but for Off Roading)

    Bad news on FSD Tesla video promoting self-driving was staged, engineer testifies | CNN Business
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    IDRA 9K Giga Press Set Up Begins at Giga Texas! (Photos)

    Where do you see the second base? I don't see it.