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  1. Coolbreeze704

    Lightning Stop Production / Stop Shipment Issued (due to potential battery issue)

    From F150Lightning Forum Lightning Stop Production / Stop Shipment Issued Due to Potential Battery Issue Here is the article: "On Tuesday, Ford spokesperson Emma Bergg confirmed to Motor Authority that both a...
  2. Coolbreeze704

    Happy Thanksgiving to all

    I believe this will be our 4th together? Excited to think that next Thanksgiving some may actually be driving our long awaited trucks!! Have a good one
  3. Coolbreeze704

    Is there value in your early reservation

    With already reaching a half a million pre-orders is there monetary value in your early reservation? By the time we get to 2021/2022 and start a production there could be 750, 000 to a million plus orders. Has it been done or is it even possible to sell your reservation or have someone pay...