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  1. Ratso

    Cybertruck sold out until 2027

    Quick read
  2. Ratso

    Self-Driving Tesla Fails On The Streets Of South Boston

    Looks like they still have some work to do.
  3. Ratso

    Not stainless steel but still pretty cool

    Amazing how fast we're catching up to the future.
  4. Ratso

    Prices are going up.
  5. Ratso

    "Holy Grail battery"

    Popular Mechanics: The Holy Grail Is Here: A Stable, Solid-State, Lithium-Metal Battery.
  6. Ratso

    Rivian done

    Wonder what happened...
  7. Ratso

    What i thought the cybertruck would look like originally

    This is kinda what I thought. Picture is from Netflix "Lost in Space". And yes I probably would have bought it ?