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  1. Roy2001

    Ventilated seats and massaging seats possible for Cybertruck?

    Vented seats yes, massage seats no.
  2. Roy2001

    Explaining How CT Could Shrink To The Same Size

    Agree that Rivian-like interior is NOT acceptable! Tesla could make a smaller version of CT to compete with Rivian/Tacoma, but please keep CT as a real full-size truck.
  3. Roy2001

    Explaining How CT Could Shrink To The Same Size

    From video, 2nd row legroom is not good.
  4. Roy2001

    Explaining How CT Could Shrink To The Same Size

    Keep the 232" length and 80" width as F150, move the cab forward, keep the legroom, and make the bed 6 feet. Problem solved.
  5. Roy2001

    📡 EXCLUSIVE: Cybertruck specs update including dimensions, seating, displays, tires / wheels, accessories & more! [from video aired 3/10/23]

    Width w/o mirrors: 84” Is it really narrower than F150? There’s a frunk (opens like Rivian, not like F-150 Lightning) Not good. Rear wheel steering is standard for all variants / models. Will this impact base prices? Air suspension is standard on all trims / models Do we really need this...
  6. Roy2001

    Model S vs. Cybertruck size comparison side-by-side (photo)

    No way the original width is 84". I doubt the 5% number!
  7. Roy2001

    Would you rather have the base Cybertruck with FSD, or dual motor without FSD for the same price?

    No way I pay $15000 to test FSD for them. Only if they pay me.
  8. Roy2001

    Business Insider just posted a hit piece on the BAW

    That's funny. Do you have a vehicle that can clean that corner by wiper?
  9. Roy2001

    Would you rather have a 6th seat or 5 seats with more storage?

    Why Tesla cannot provide options?
  10. Roy2001

    Confirmed Cybertruck specs: 5% smaller, 6x4 bed size, 5 seats, frunk, no pass through & more... (info from Tesla employee at Investor Day)

    232 inch long with 6.5 feet bed, sounds impossible to me, unless my math is problematic. If it is really like that, then it has to: 1. reduce legroom by at least 6 inch, that is, 85 inch totally to less than 80 inch. 2. Move the cab forward by another 6 inches. I don't see cab moved forward by...
  11. Roy2001

    Thickness of 3mm

    Does it still have frame?
  12. Roy2001

    Reservation Dropout Percentage

    The rate would be dependent on price. If Tesla can stick with their original price, it would be very low. But if they increase the price like last year, it would be very high.
  13. Roy2001

    Two biggest Cybertruck unknowns: MSRP price for all trim levels / exterior dimensions

    Exterior dimensions would be very close to other trucks (233in x 80in). The biggest unknown is internal dimensions.
  14. Roy2001

    4 wheel steering Cybertruck driving video from Tesla Cyber Rodeo event

    From video, wheel base is more than 125 inches, but rear wheel steer reduces turning circle. Hope this is standard feature.