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  1. Old Pro

    Merry Xmas!

    What will be the posts a year from now/
  2. Old Pro

    HO hum! Not the same as "Ba Humbug." Anyone getting bored and antsy about Cybertruck news?

    Am I the only one getting bored and antsy about anything significant in regards to Cybertruck news and updates? I mean, who cares about a Tesla logo on the charging port or questions about mirrors. Heck, I don't care if my Cybertruck has pink side mirrors with tassels!
  3. Old Pro

    I can hardly wait for start of CT deliveries to owners

    I can hardly wait for CT to start hitting the streets so there can be exchanges on this forum of actual owner impressions and questions.
  4. Old Pro

    Cybertruck single motor question

    Kind of a dumb basic question, but at age 69 I rarely care about asking something I do not know the answer to. I ordered (Day #2 reservations) the CT single motor version. Question is: Where is the single motor "mounted" on that version? OK, I most likely won't see my unit until I am way into...
  5. Old Pro

    Under the new Biden EV credit proposal, will the Cybertruck qualify for Federal Tax Credit?

    As best I can understand, the Cybertruck purchases completed in 2023 -2024 will be receive a Federal Tax Credit? $7,500? Or will that potential amount differ from 2023 to 2024? Or NOT $$$? NO Credit will apply?
  6. Old Pro

    Spare tire for Cybertruck?

    Any word on if the Cybertruck will have a spare tire included with delivery? After owning a 2018 Model 3 since new, there is a little "anxiety" about NOT having a spare tire. Or, I wonder if there will be an option for mounting a spare tire on the Cybertruck?
  7. Old Pro

    How do I retrieve my reservation number?

    I placed the required deposit on day #2 for the Cybertruck. Darned if I can find what my reservation number is! How do I retrieve that information?
  8. Old Pro

    Rivian Truck spotted in San Diego

    Rivian Truck spotted in Downtown San Diego "Little Italy". Blame poor photos on my U.A. pilot buddy...this truck is a beast. Really large body style. I'd like to see side by side with Tesla CT for comparison. "Little Italy" section on India Street was really happening on a Saturday night.
  9. Old Pro

    Cybertruck test pilot signups?

    I wonder if Elon and Tesla has a sign up for "Beta Testers" for the Cybertruck? I would like to volunteer my spouse of 45+ years to test out the new CyberTruck for daily use. If anything can be broken, dented, or otherwise tweaked, she has the unique ability do stretch the electronic and...
  10. Old Pro

    How to block messages from a specific contributor

    Sorry, but I find constant comments from one contributor to be a bit irritating. There used to be an option to block "contributions" from a specific sender. How do I do that?
  11. Old Pro

    Biden EV credit?

    Can somebody explain how the proposed Biden EV credit applies to the Cybertruck? Is there an overall limit of "Tesla's" that apply across the board or is it by model limit? If the proposed Biden EV credit applies for the Cybertruck what is the proposed Federal Tax Credit? Is there an income...
  12. Old Pro

    What are the chances the 240 mile range battery will be upgraded?

    What are the chances Elon will cut we cheep skates who opted for the least expensive battery option an upgrade from 240 miles to 280 or 300 at time of production? My wife's 2018 Model 3 came with the "Long Range" battery at time of purchase set at 310 I believe, since then the battery has been...
  13. Old Pro

    Cybertruck Rims?

    One feature of my wife's 2018 Tesla Model 3 with the stock Aero rims, there is a "lip" on the tire rim that gets mangled if one gets too close to a curb. Unlike domestic vehicles where one has a tendency to use the tire as a "curb feeler", if you do the same with the Model 3-you come away with...
  14. Old Pro

    Cybertruck seat material

    This is a question for current Tesla Model 3 owners. The black seats on a Model 3 are leather or some other material? Will the Cyber Truck have the same seat material? Secondarily, what type of cleaner/treatments are recommended that might be available on Amazon?