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  1. swengl

    Cybertruck Spotted LIVE in Stanford on Public Roads! [Video]

    My guess is that there will be space for a spare under the bed (accessible from above), but it will not include a spare due to cost and weight. If all else fails, you could ride around with a spare strapped down in the bed with the vault closed. I think we are going to be blown away by how...
  2. swengl

    Cybertruck Cold Weather Package??

    I'm still hopeful that Tesla will offer either/both a solar charging tonneau and a glass roof with integrated, transparent solar charging which will allow those of us who will have to park outside to "cleanly" power the preconditioning to heat/cool the cabin before driving (and maybe add some...
  3. swengl

    Cybertruck Cold Weather Package??

    They have definitely improved things over the years. I drive an 8 yo S85D and it definitely takes a hit on range in the cold (no octovalve). With the structural 4680 packs, this should improve even more.
  4. swengl

    Cybertruck Cold Weather Package??

    Long range Model Ys built late last year have heated steering wheel, front and back seats are also heated. All of which you can control from the app.
  5. swengl

    Cybertruck “not a real truck” says survey among truck drivers

    People deny facts all the time (think: flat-earthers). It doesn't mean it's not still a fact, it just means that people are being willfully ignorant or self-deceptive. Here's an interesting article about the difference...
  6. swengl

    "Took Cybertruck Beta [w/ BAW] out for a drive" -- Franz von Holzhausen Photo

    That is definitely my concern. This is Tesla though, they could surprise us with a decent middle seat. The fact that you wouldn't have to contend with the transmission hump makes the possibility of a "normal" middle seat more likely. Truly though, I don't "need" to seat 6 often/ever, so it...
  7. swengl

    "Took Cybertruck Beta [w/ BAW] out for a drive" -- Franz von Holzhausen Photo

    Also, this isn't unique to Tesla: I had one of the first model Dodge Durangos and I love it except that the lumbar in the seat hit me pretty low (and wasn't adjustable). It was definitely designed for someone with a shorter torso.
  8. swengl

    I sold my truck to make way for the Cybertruck! Who else is making moves?

    The Model S will get the boot when the CT arrives.
  9. swengl

    "Took Cybertruck Beta [w/ BAW] out for a drive" -- Franz von Holzhausen Photo

    If there are 6 seats total and the front three are bucket seats (and are comfortable for longer trips), I'm all in. If there are only 5 seats in the CT, well, I'm still all in! We recently bought a Model Y and I must admit, the seats feels little too snug for me compared to my older S (and...
  10. swengl

    "Took Cybertruck Beta [w/ BAW] out for a drive" -- Franz von Holzhausen Photo

    In 30 years, you could always buy off-road diesel we will probably still be using in farm tractors ;)
  11. swengl

    Door sill plate w/ Cybertruck logo spotted on beta prototype

    Call me over, I have a Dremel I can carve whatever you want in your door sill. :ROFLMAO:
  12. swengl

    Rear-Wheel Steering showcased in Cybertruck pre-production beta prototype video WOW

    And the BAW clears any fluids/debris left behind, easy-peasy ;)
  13. swengl

    Model S vs. Cybertruck size comparison side-by-side (photo)

    To be fair, the Model S was overpriced when it first came out too. It's tough to get into the car manufacturing business and not lose your shirt if your production rate is so low and you don't over charge for the product. Economies of scale are real!
  14. swengl

    "Took Cybertruck Beta [w/ BAW] out for a drive" -- Franz von Holzhausen Photo

    If they did indeed shrink the overall size, you are probably right, no 6th seat. Ah well, there are advantages to a smaller overall CT. We will see what the "final" version looks like. Who knows, they may end up making 2 models: the UCT (uber-CT) and the CT ;)
  15. swengl

    Confirmed Cybertruck specs: 5% smaller, 6x4 bed size, 5 seats, frunk, no pass through & more... (info from Tesla employee at Investor Day)

    I'm a bit torn about the size: the "bigger" dimensions would mean: More interior/bed space but I would 100% have to park outside (which, if the tonneau has solar panels built-in I would do anyway). If it is small enough to fit in the garage, I won't need to put a charging port outside the...
  16. swengl

    "Took Cybertruck Beta [w/ BAW] out for a drive" -- Franz von Holzhausen Photo

    The front middle seat folds down to present cupholders, storage for the driver/passenger. Don't worry, it will still seat 6.
  17. swengl

    Cybertruck FULL FRONT VIEW! (2/9/23)

    I'm with you on this one, Ogre: If you own a bush hog, you own a tractor. Now, if Tesla could make an electric tractor that had all the power needed and could go all day on a single charge, that would be something. I put our John Deere through hell maintaining the tree farm and even though...
  18. swengl

    Elon: "I was just reviewing the production beta Cybertruck. It is incredible."

    Light it up and call it a rolling Dumpster fire. At least it's easy to clean out!
  19. swengl

    Cybertruck FULL FRONT VIEW! (2/9/23)

    I think Tesla has already solved the BAW "problem" but are waiting until the final reveal to incorporate it into a CT that is out in the public eye. Laser wiper, anyone? The flat windshield would make a much easier surface for a laser to be able to "shoot" across to clear debris.
  20. swengl

    Factory pick-up in lieu of delivery [WARNING: NO POLITICS]

    I have a similar story: I bought my S (almost 8 years ago) and picked it up in NC (I live in VA), they gave me 30 day temp tags and, of course, I paid the sales tax in VA where the car was registered. It wasn't a big deal to do and Tesla gave me the option of doing it again for the Y, although...