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  1. ÆCIII

    Dave Lee's video titled "Tesla Brand Damage (Ep. 711)"

    Note: I really like Dave Lee and his content, so this critique is not directed at his channel, but at the survey firm depicted in this particular video. One major flaw in the survey, is that the depicted sample of 33,597,333 online respondents on the chart, are far greater in number than the...
  2. ÆCIII

    E-MPG Calculator

    I'm sure many have made up calculators of their own, but anyway I found myself interested in making one with today's gas prices, so here it is, about as simple as I could make it. It may help us to show tangible benefits and appreciate some benefits of owning an EV. Self-explanatory and the...
  3. ÆCIII

    Large 56 Stall Supercharger Site at Firebaugh, CA

    I'm sure many have seen this post on Teslarati by now: This is going to be a massive supercharger location (it's in now). This would be a boon for EV travel up and down the I-5 freeway corridor...
  4. ÆCIII

    Burger King Commercial featuring Tesla on Twitter

    Just saw this on Teslarati and Twitter. Apparently a real commercial by BK - so cool! Closer examination reveals it's from video created by Mike of the youtube channel. He is an...