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  1. rudedawg78

    How do I finance my Cybertruck? Will Tesla want more money at the time of config tool release?

    Hi there, To all the current Tesla owners, I was hoping you could shed some light of the purchasing/financing options process. So, I paid my $100 to hold my spot in line (2 days after Cybertruck announcement), and now assuming the next step (after official Cybertruck production occurs), is to...
  2. rudedawg78

    Predicted Premium Sound Package for Cybertruck?

    Hello CT Fam, I am an audiophile and have heard that Tesla vehicles have some of the best sound packages out there. Do you guys think that the CT will have a premium sound package option and perhaps 1-up their current premium sound package in existing Tesla vehicles? Just curious about what...
  3. rudedawg78

    When will the final-spec Cybertruck start production?

    After the sad news revealed during the 4th Qtr Financial Report that no new Tesla models will be produced in 2022, I am interested when you guys think the final version of the Cybertruck will actually enter the production line. Personally speaking, by the tone in Elon's voice, I am not that...
  4. rudedawg78

    Trading in car for down payment on CT

    Hi CT Family, I have never purchased a Tesla before so I have no idea how new vehicle purchases work there. When the time comes to finance and order my CT, I was wondering if I would have the ability to trade in my existing vehicle (2012 Chevy Tahoe) and that value go towards my down payment...
  5. rudedawg78

    Will the Cybertruck fit in automated Car Washes?

    Simple question for the group... I use automated car wash stations quite regularly now and then follow-up with a good vacuum. Since the dimension of the current design is a beast, was wondering if you think it will fit in the car washes okay? If I have to go back to manual car washes, I will...
  6. rudedawg78

    What audio system/speaker package will be on the Cybertruck?

    The family and I love music and a good sound system. What kind of audio system & speaker package do you think will be in the Cybertruck? I am not familiar with what Tesla currently uses in their vehicles. Is there a standard system and an upgraded option? Jamming out is a must while cruising...