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    This has been great. I think either 50's to 60s for Dual motor. Real Tesla is trying to change the market to EV.
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    Any chance early reservation holders get a ...

    That would be cool, but I don't see it happening.
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    Tesla Granted a Patent for the Original Cybertruck Wheels!

    I agree; however, I think the cover is there to protect the tire, so if it's scratched, it will suck, but it's better than the tire scratching, Is my assumption. plus it looks cool :)
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    This photo is fake right?

    Your right, It was posted quickly, and then I found out after posting that it was fake. I then realized you cannot delete posts so, there was nothing I could do. and now I have to sit in my shame.
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    This photo is fake right?

    Ahh, Sorry guys! I had a feeling it was fake, but I still needed to check. Sorry if I let anyone else down like I did myself.
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    This photo is fake right?

    I saw this on a video earlier today from the Electric Viking. I am assuming this is fake, but I had to check since I had not seen it anywhere yet.
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    Cybertruck FULL FRONT VIEW! (2/9/23)

    That's exactly what I was thinking. It doesn't look like they will be opening (in the back), but my first thought in 2019 was, "darn, that's a great spot for quick-use storage."
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    Cybertruck FULL FRONT VIEW! (2/9/23)

    Does anyone know if the rear quarter panels are going to open (wing / sail) still or has that been killed?