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  1. Cybertruck Production Line Jobs Are Being Posted! — 26 Total as of 3/7/23

    26 jobs for a 2 mile long factory is nothing. Notice these are all senior / manager level positions. I do not anticipate most of these bing filled for a very long time (adjust your interview process estimates to 100+ days) With that said, i don't think this will hold up start of production at...
  2. Video: Tonneau cover closing on Cybertruck Beta!

    i think it goes where the mid-gate would be..
  3. DIY Vinyl Wraps

    yes, but none with pictures.. except the configurator one.
  4. Wraps?

    Lets brainstorm some ideas? I am on the fence about whether or not a wrap defeats the point of a tough exterior.. The way i see it, Cons: $$$ Wear Pros: Uniqueness Protection Less fingerprints, easier maintenance So if you are going to use it solely as a work truck, that's a nope. But if its...

    Hmm is that a passthrough? just open the rear window, and i could probably squeeze through..
  6. Cybertruck Stamping Quality Engineer Job Posting

    Mostly the multiple condescending posts you made on the first page. But also judging by your post history, either your sense of humor is drier and colder than Antarctica, or you weren't in on the joke until i said something. Or maybe it was your avatar that triggered me, that fawn reminds me...
  7. Cybertruck Stamping Quality Engineer Job Posting

    Haha i thought you were joking, but you are serious? LOLWOOOW! Lets go over this post shall we? For some REAL mansplaining, for context.. So you can better recognize it next time, after reporting me to the admins if you aren't one yourself. First, CyberGus jokingly posted a mansplaining meme...