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  1. Kahpernicus


    Tesla's production capacity is not only. doubling year over year. It's a massive ramp up year over year.
  2. Kahpernicus

    Security - possible to electrify Cybertruck outer body on demand for protection?

    Pretty sure this falls under booby traps which is highly illegal almost everywhere.
  3. Kahpernicus

    No Resale Agreement?

    I can't imagine arguing FOR resale agreements. Woo boy.
  4. Kahpernicus

    Cybertruck Spotted LIVE in Stanford on Public Roads! [Video]

    FSD still got kinks to work out. 👀
  5. Kahpernicus

    3D Printing

    What do they sell to oems?
  6. Kahpernicus

    Confirmed Cybertruck specs: 5% smaller, 6x4 bed size, 5 seats, frunk, no pass through & more... (info from Tesla employee at Investor Day)

    According to wayback machine in december, nope
  7. Kahpernicus

    📡 EXCLUSIVE: Cybertruck specs update including dimensions, seating, displays, tires / wheels, accessories & more! [from video aired 3/10/23]

    Was watching a video and something on the dash board caught my eye. You can see it through the a pillar window. The dashboard is segmented into three parts. Compartment ? Storage for Baw? Pop up solar panel for the front window shield? Can't source materials big enough to do in one piece...
  8. Kahpernicus

    Dirty Tesla covers all Cybertruck updates after Investor day...

    The intent of cash for clunkers was about removing inefficient cars of the road, point blank. Can't go back in time to fix the inefficiencies of the past.
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    Secret Cybertruck accessories parts team: What do you want them to make?

    I cant think of a car that didn't turn off signals after you straighten up your maneuver. I'm sorta confused about having to turn off signals manually except for random rare cases or merges.
  10. Kahpernicus

    Video of Cybertruck in RWD track mode (CGI)

    Someone building their art portfolio, who also likes CyberTruck.
  11. Kahpernicus

    Secret Cybertruck accessories parts team: What do you want them to make?

    I would like the to lean on tesla and make a truck.
  12. Kahpernicus

    When will we know specs?

    When they announce them.
  13. Kahpernicus

    Cybertruck labeled "side-show cult car" for superfans by analyst

    Musk said as much that the cybertruck was a big gamble. If they pull through with their promises it will be a huge shift of what vehicles are. If they don't, they probably have a boring cab looking version on deck they can ramp up.