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  1. ÆCIII

    Another Cybertruck Measurement Dimensions Thread - Based on New Videos

    This type of image point extrapolation is all we have at the moment, and these methods along with speculation are indeed fun. Lens distortion metrics or even some 3D stereo imagery captures might help us hone in to more accurate (remote) measurements, if the right software is used, but we're...
  2. ÆCIII

    The Cybertruck is NOT a "Pickup Truck". So what is it?

    I'll just be driving and using it, while letting naysayers or others on the side lines worry about whatever they want to call it. Tesla's already calling it a Cybertruck. I won't need anyone else's armchair interpretations for a product name. They can worry about what to call it. I'll just...
  3. ÆCIII

    HW3 Tesla Vision park assist without sonic-sensors will need full-time Sentry Mode

    I agree with you, and I say the more cameras that future hardware can handle, the better. Was glad to see the bumper camera on the recent Ăźeta versions of the Cybertruck. Brian of i1Tesla was much more logical and safer by using cardboard or improvised mannequins when doing similar tests a few...
  4. ÆCIII

    Alon - Transparent Aluminum for the Cybertruck and Space Missions

    So a combination of Alon and IR reflective laminates on inside layers, may end up being an optimal and awesome design choice for windshields and windows. I hope this advances further and I hope Tesla is actually working on it in their Armour Glass development. - ÆCIII
  5. ÆCIII

    Tesla are they backing out of agreement to sell 2 motor cyber truck first

    Amazing how much speculative complaining is done about something that is totally unknown, as Tesla hasn't revealed details of their latest prototypes or production release candidates yet. I don't think Tesla ever 'promised' any configuration for production first, even though rumors were spread...
  6. ÆCIII

    Security - possible to electrify Cybertruck outer body on demand for protection?

    I seriously doubt it would be safely feasible for the truck's electrical systems, due to exterior and exoskeleton almost certainly unified with chassis ground, as well as some interior parts also being connected to chassis ground. This would be dangerous for occupants inside as nearly much as...
  7. ÆCIII

    Cybertruck Spotted LIVE in Stanford on Public Roads! [Video]

    Very nice image. There are some key details once you click it zoomed in. The four attachment points can be seen very clearly up the left side (two on the vault surround, and two on the cab roof). Also the tonneau and tailgate release recessed control is on the left side. We've noted this in...
  8. ÆCIII

    Sail Pillar Storage just featured in latest Tesla China official magazine T-Zone. Sign it'll make production?

    I actually am not too anxious either way, nor was I aiming to be super critical. It's not a super deal breaker for me either, because Tesla might want to put air compressors and power conversion components in the sails as far as we know, and maybe the separation is a way to service them because...
  9. ÆCIII

    Sail Pillar Storage just featured in latest Tesla China official magazine T-Zone. Sign it'll make production?

    Contrary to @cvalue13's post above, my interpretation of images from Rob Mauer's video taken of the prototype on investor day, does show a "distinct possibility" of sail pillar storage. But, I think I was lucky enough to get (slightly) more detailed and clear images than @cvalue13 did, so that...
  10. ÆCIII

    Let's get down to the real or imagined demand for a Midgate

    A few tangents in this long thread, trying to at least glance over most of the posts, but they were mostly interesting or entertaining. I think there will always be some use for a mid-gate at some point, but how often or little the use case applies, will depend on the person. If the tambour...
  11. ÆCIII

    Cybertruck Bumper Sticker ideas

    Here's one (additional to @HaulingAss's sticker): Little bit of a dig to both Trevor Milton, as well as the American Trucks (micro) 'survey'. - ÆCIII
  12. ÆCIII

    Really? A work truck?

    So far Tesla has really emphasized long battery life and minimal degradation over years of ownership in their designs, as evidenced by their long battery warranty. Most Tesla owners have had minimal battery degradation over the past 5 or more years, and there are a few video testimonials of...
  13. ÆCIII

    Ford announces 'Project T3' next-gen electric truck and BlueOval City

    I agree it shouldn't be exactly an 'Elon' or 'Tesla' thing, and I agree also that focus should be on product and efficiency. But in order to have that efficiency while delivering products to the people, it needs to be done without excess skimmers and middlemen (media and dealers) between the...
  14. ÆCIII

    Cybertruck “not a real truck” says survey among truck drivers

    I wasn't critiquing Electrek, nor the OP. I was only critiquing the original article and the flawed polling methodology. All those other polls with small sample sizes are fundamentally useless too. Some of them could be representative at times, but only by luck or accident. Neglecting to...
  15. ÆCIII

    Cybertruck “not a real truck” says survey among truck drivers

    The most overused Sheep Calls by establishment media in recent years (very common on morning radio or 'mainstream' articles), always begins with words, "A new Study..." or "A new Survey...". In almost every broadcast to the targeted sheep, these 'studies' or 'surveys' conveniently leave out...
  16. ÆCIII

    Any chance early reservation holders get a ...

    I think those who got their CT Reservation in on the night of the first reveal in 2019 and then actually takes delivery, should get maybe lifetime free supercharging, or at least lifetime free cellular connectivity for their delivered VIN, but that's just me. - ÆCIII
  17. ÆCIII

    Tesla Vision

    There is one aspect of Tesla Vision that I'm hoping will be enhanced in the future, that is not directly related to the ultrasonic sensors really. Watching FSD testing videos, one of the most difficult things the car deals with almost constantly, is assessing the creep line and deciding...
  18. ÆCIII

    Tesla margins will tighten as price cuts wage EV war: Morgan Stanley

    Even if more price cuts or price wars happen, Tesla's margins will likely never be as low as legacy auto's margins already are right now. Tesla has more room for price cuts than most if not all of the others. So if Tesla's margins approach single digit levels, most others would need to price...
  19. ÆCIII

    Video of Cybertruck in RWD track mode (CGI)

    CGI of older prototype or not I still l like it, because I don't think we've seen one doing donuts yet, so that's something different and fun. But the identical train passenger cars and pavement textures do suggest animated renderings, as well as the Cybertruck having rear lights all the way...
  20. ÆCIII

    Video of Cybertruck in RWD track mode (CGI)

    We can also appreciate that it takes serious amounts of torque to spin those larger outside diameter tires! I'm sure they would fight a little before giving up their grip! (hmm...squeals are sounding familiar) ... makes me anxious to see a real one do that! - ÆCIII