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  1. CyberBC

    Help With Lyrics For Greased Lightning

    Just thought we could use a little entertainment while we wait for the next Cybertruck news. Copyright issues aside, I was thinking that the song Greased Lightning could be adapted nicely to the Cybertruck. We can ask Elon to dance to it at the final unveil. Here is a link to the original on...
  2. CyberBC

    Munro Live EV Design Videos

    Really interesting look at design of some recent EVs:
  3. CyberBC

    Etching/Tattoo For Your Cybertruck. Would you?

    Here is an article describing easy etching for stainless steel using ferric chloride. I can see this being a thing with permanent tattoos being so popular. I guess I would have to start with a Canadian Flag :D. Anybody else got some ideas? I guess you would have to accustom yourself to...
  4. CyberBC

    Was the Tri-motor at Launch Price a massively better deal than the Dual?

    I am struggling to adjust my way of thinking from the Ice world into the EV world. Please check my math on this. If we are comparing the two models of Cybertruck it would seem to make sense for an apples to apples comparison on longevity it would be logical to determine how many miles the...
  5. CyberBC

    DIY Vinyl Wraps

    I got a call from our local Ford dealer yesterday letting me know that they had a Lightning Lariat available. I didn't get back to him until today so I missed it. He said it took him 16 minutes to sell it. I was thinking the only thing I would like about the Lightning over the Cybertruck is...
  6. CyberBC

    Canada Pricing For EV Incentive

    Just to get the information out there, assuming this forum has some influence, here is the pricing Tesla needs to get us to come under our new federal (and BC) ev incentive schemes. The single motor base model has to be available for sale at under CAD 60k (approx. USD 45k). The dual motor has to...
  7. CyberBC

    Rivian Reverses Price Bump for Pre-orders before March 1

    Link to letter from Rivian CEO with announcement: Seems like this needs a separate thread. I think this is very good news for CT pre-orders. It will make...
  8. CyberBC

    Would Cybertruck Look Good with Chrome Wheels / Rims - Scale Preview

    I haven't seen many pics with Chrome rims. It seems like the black rims are the current fad, but I think the non-painted rims have a lot more durability. My only experience with black rims was with winter rims on steel which I had to respray every couple of years.
  9. CyberBC

    Roller Bed Cover Might Be Leaving

    I started thinking about how many comments regarding the new footage of the Cybertruck on the test track have been about the change of looks, front-end, lights, curved glass etc. For me, I don't care about the looks. It's function over form. It is still, and will always be ugly. On that...
  10. CyberBC

    How will Cybertruck fare in mud-bogging?

    I was thinking this morning about how the Cyborghini is going to fair on my mountain driveway. I've got a fairly challenging layout with a big medium curve followed by a steep climb, finished with a 90 degree left turn onto another hill. As always, momentum is your friend. Both the curve and...
  11. CyberBC

    Elon's sick attachment will be the trailer.

    I was drooling on the Tesla website today and my eye kept returning to the photo of the stainless steel looking trailer in the Cybertruck section. It comes right before the Cyberquad. It is right in plain sight. Just off the top of my head I could see a lot of Tesla's tech being useful in a...
  12. CyberBC

    I Think Cybertruck Manufacturing Run Will be Short Lived

    2 things struck me when I read the article posted below. The thick stainless Steel on the Cybertruck is heavy and it will slow the manufacturing process because of the laser-cutting, bending and welding being much slower than stamping, which can be run at 50+ stamps per minute. Also, it would...
  13. CyberBC

    Does new "Structural "4680" battery tech make Cybertruck Exoskeleton Superfuluous?

    I assume that Elon and Company already had the plan to use the 4680 battery tech with the structural design on the drawing board when they designed the Cybertruck. It always seemed to me that the rectangular roof design and sails were more for roll-over protection and "toughness" rather than...
  14. CyberBC

    Cybertruck at the Ski Hill

    Hi All, I was just reading an article on what the ski resorts are doing this year regarding Covid and had a little day dream about a day at the hill with the Cybertruck. My wife and I load up the gear in the Vault, set a nice temperature to make sure the boots are nice and toasty when we...
  15. CyberBC

    Preparing your Spouse for Imminent Acceleration

    I don't know if it's just me, but I get in a lot of trouble when I stamp on the gas of my Turbo Subaru that does 0-60 in 5.7. I am planning ahead for what could happen with a 2.9. I am thinking of having a mission control sequence of some type. Maybe "Engaging warp speed in 3-2-1." Have any...
  16. CyberBC

    Winch with box on wheels inside vault

    I was looking at the picture of the Cybertuck with the end gate down this morning, and I thought what if i built a box the size of the vault bed on wheels and used a winch at the front of the box (or bed) to run the box up and down from the truck bed to the ground. For camping it would bring...
  17. CyberBC

    Will Cybertruck be the next VW Beetle for work trucks?

    I'm thinking that in the 1930s when the first Beetle was released, most people probably thought it was ugly, or at the very least unusual. What it had was a very cheap and functional design. In the end there were around 21 million of them made, with many of them still around. It seems like...
  18. CyberBC

    Is Cybertruck the Ultimate Ender Vehicle?

    Where I live, we call the post-apocalyptic thinking people "Enders" (End of Days). The first thing I thought when I saw the cover of the Vault on the truck was solar panel. Would that not be a great addition to a Ender vehicle. You travel by night and charge during the day. You could have...
  19. CyberBC

    Elon Pushing Egalitarianism

    Since the shocking unveil, I have been spending a lot of time trying to figure out what the plan really is. I drove by a Ford dealership and looked over a sea of trucks that all basically do the same, but are all different styles, paints chromes and accessories. The Cybertrucks will all look...