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  1. CyberSleuth

    Cybertruck Bumper Sticker ideas

    As I've said in the past, I think the Cybertruck's limited color options will result in increased interest in personalization. Bumper stickers/magnets/decals are going to be popular. Since we have plenty of time to plan for these things, let's create the ultimate list of bumper sticker ideas...
  2. CyberSleuth

    Would you rather have the base Cybertruck with FSD, or dual motor without FSD for the same price?

    For the sake of argument, let's say these options work out to cost around the same. Would you go with the cheapest single motor Cybertruck but add full self driving, or upgrade to the dual motor with no FSD package? Thoughts?
  3. CyberSleuth

    Business Insider just posted a hit piece on the BAW I guess I'll just go ahead and cancel my pre-order then.
  4. CyberSleuth

    What backup sound do you want your Cybertruck to make?

    Assuming you can customize the reverse chime, what would you choose? The current Tesla backup hum just doesn't suit the Cybertruck IMO. I'm considering Flight of the Valkyries? 😅
  5. CyberSleuth

    Should we expect the Cybertruck to get terrible reviews?

    As we've all been watching firsthand, the mainstream media's coverage of Elon Musk/Tesla has completely flipped in the past year or so. He's gone from Person of the Year saving the world with a Midas touch, to a "controversial" figure that is slammed in the press just about every day. Should...
  6. CyberSleuth

    Will Cybertruck drivers be prone to road rage?

    Controversial headline I know, but consider this: What effect on the psyche might operating an ultra-high performance, massively proportioned truck with a reputation for being bullet/dent/scratch proof have? Thoughts?
  7. CyberSleuth

    I used AI to blend the Cybertruck with other vehicles. Here are the results.

    Prompt-based AI image generators have made huge progress in the past few months. One feature that doesn't get as much attention is the blend command - basically you import a few images and the AI merges them together. I decided to try blending the Cybertruck with a few different vehicles to...
  8. CyberSleuth

    How will you customize your Cybertruck?

    I know there has been some speculation the Cybertruck might be available in matte black, but it's safe to assume the vast majority will all look almost identical. Based on sales figures for the Y and 3, we could also assume there will be a lot of Cybertrucks on the road. Because of this, I...