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  1. RavenX447

    📡 EXCLUSIVE: Cybertruck specs update including dimensions, seating, displays, tires / wheels, accessories & more! [from video aired 3/10/23]

    None of this information is “Official” it’s just gossip Nothing but hearsay and rumours Why haven’t Tesla released this information “Officially” it would be a massive media boost for them not some two bit journalist ( no disrespect intended, as I have no idea who he is) 🤔
  2. RavenX447

    What CT info would you like to know first?

    Any Official information would be nice, like if were ever going to get a CT! Getting bored of hearsay and rumours I really can’t understand the lack of any official information from Tesla even if it’s the odd progress update After all they have got more than a few interested people ( who have...
  3. RavenX447

    New Video shows MidGate !?!

    Yeah definitely two different vehicles, different wheels too 🙄
  4. RavenX447

    Report: Tesla Orders Equipment to Produce Cybertruck’s Drive Unit

    New information ? We haven’t even got any old information, we have No idea of what variants will be available We have No idea of pricing We have No idea of delivery dates Everything we have is pretty much rumours and speculation Until Tesla pulls it’s head out of its [email protected]@ and gives us some...
  5. RavenX447

    SIGHTED: Matte Black Cybertruck UPDATE: Photoshopped

    Bet they are kicking themselves about that ?up! ?