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  1. Space monkey

    Let's get down to the real or imagined demand for a Midgate

    The latest version is clearly smaller Crissa.
  2. Space monkey

    Let's get down to the real or imagined demand for a Midgate

    Imo, once the bed shrank to the latest 4x6ish version (which is too small to sleep in for most guys, a definitely too small for a couple), the pass through ides kinda lost relevance. I always thought it’s main benefit would be to create a more van like space for camping. So in my brain, at this...
  3. Space monkey

    I sold my truck to make way for the Cybertruck! Who else is making moves?

    Since my 98 Ram 2500 (gas) with 200k miles had almost no value, I decided to turn it into a dump truck. As much as I love the CT, it hardly looks like she’s designed for hard labor, or even long distance towing for that matter. I imagine many of us will be keeping an old truck as a...
  4. Space monkey

    Carbon Fiber Underbody spotted?

    I would be super surprised if the production model has laminate skid plates, seems way costly. If so, I hope it’s kevlar, cause you know, the truck is supposed to be bulletproof(ish).
  5. Space monkey

    I ordered a SIX seater, not FIVE seats

    Front wheel wells ? Maybe as they took %5 off overall size, they jad to squeeze the front foot wells between wheels.
  6. Space monkey

    48v Battery for Cybertruck!

    Yeeeeeesssss! I am hoping that front bumper panel shown on the bed at the event is for exactly that. Also hoping that, based on where all the red stuff is in that picture, there’s steer and brake by wire.
  7. Space monkey

    Confirmed Cybertruck specs: 5% smaller, 6x4 bed size, 5 seats, frunk, no pass through & more... (info from Tesla employee at Investor Day)

    A 6’ bed is pretty short for that, even if you are well short of 6’ tall. I’m bummed about the width too, 4’ is really narrow for 2 people.
  8. Space monkey

    Tailgate looks dull without logo / design

    I still say make it highly polished like a mirror to blind any tailgaters at night.
  9. Space monkey

    Upcoming Competition: 2024 Tacoma Pickup Revealed in Design Images 📸

    Um, looks the same, even still has a grill?
  10. Space monkey

    OG Cybertruck Bed Dimensions Measured at Petersen Exhibit!

    I have been hoping for some time that the length and width would be 5x8(tailgate down)ish. I’m hoping build a simple camper that would also be able to be hauled around in a 5x8 utility trailer. I really want something as versatile as possible while remaining simple/minimalist.
  11. Space monkey

    Space Camper for Cybertruck announced

    24k will get you a pretty decent trailer perhaps. That’s good because you will have somewhere hang out in when you’re stopping at just about every supercharger on your trip. From what we’ve seen from the other electric trucks, the towing range is half or less. And the other trucks rely way...
  12. Space monkey

    Polishing the Cybertruck to mirror finish?

    Would be great to do the tailgate at least for tailgaters.
  13. Space monkey

    Elon Musk cuts Ukraine’s Starlink satellites

    I don’t think it was ever about money, if that was the case he would’ve given usa/nato/ukraine more time to figure out how to pay for it or do without it.
  14. Space monkey

    Elon Musk cuts Ukraine’s Starlink satellites

    Good guy Elon is back!
  15. Space monkey

    Spare tire for Cybertruck? There are plenty of options out there for external mounting. Maybe a hit on aero, but minimal I would think.
  16. Space monkey

    4 wheel steering in action on Cybertruck at Giga Texas!

    Not a good analogy really. I think better would be-legs working pretty good, let’s add a second knee.
  17. Space monkey

    4 wheel steering in action on Cybertruck at Giga Texas!

    Every truck I’ve owned needed front end work over time. Never rear end work. This may change that. One of the greatest strengths of Tesla engineering is making things with FAR fewer parts. This breaks that mold entirely. And all to fix something that’s not really broken.