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  1. VI Tesla

    Nikola is going to crush Tesla with its new technology!

    Then this happened and will continue to happen when dealing with hydrogen.
  2. VI Tesla

    Hey Elon! What About This!

    Hey Elon, How about making the whole process online and I mean the whole process. Wouldn't it be mind blowing to have a delivery date and the CT just roles up my driveway with no one in the drivers seat.....? My pre-loaded cell phone unlocks the door and the deal is done. Not sure how it would...
  3. VI Tesla

    Hey Elon! What About This!

    The model three already does this, as I assume does the rest of the fleet. Front, sides and back proximity read outs.
  4. VI Tesla

    Hey Elon! What About This!

    Except that you'd get the stink eye from other Tesla owners when you pull in the charge station and plug in on both sides, LOL.
  5. VI Tesla

    Smart watch

    This looks interesting. Tesla partnering or buying smart watch company. Scenarios -kids can summon CT to school at end of day to bring them home then comes back to office for end of day. -so you don't have to take phone with you all the time -maybe it is a cell phone too (super tiny) Any other...
  6. VI Tesla

    Tesla Vehicle Questions, Answered

    Actually they no longer come with the NEMA connector only regular 110V connector, you have to now purchase the NEMA adapters seperately dpeneding on the outlet you have installed. At least that was our experience with our model 3 purchase directly from Tesla.
  7. VI Tesla

    Musk: "several hundred thousand" orders received for the Cybertruck

    Well that confirms it, I've always taken several to mean seven. So 700,000 sounds about right. Original post: I saw that as well and I believe it's comes down to the wording. He says 'at least 200,000' orders. Not sure why they are choosing to hold down the numbers. Perhaps to avoid bad...
  8. VI Tesla

    VW chief defies sceptics with ambitious plans to overtake Tesla

    Last i heard Diess has been demoted due to VW family held share holders. Not good for VWs EV prospects. He was on the right track but short term thinking shareholders are holding VW back which may see it's downfall.
  9. VI Tesla

    Is Range king?

    All, don't forge that the battery tech has changed and will continue to change. The initial post here likely had the Model S/X 18650 Cell, Model 3 has the 2170 cells with lower projected degradation and don't forget battery day is coming with a whole new battery chemistry that I hope makes it...
  10. VI Tesla

    When your reservation comes up can you change type of truck?

    The Canadian site still says 2021 for dual and tri motor versions. 2022 for single motor version.
  11. VI Tesla

    Power liftgate and power ramp? Yay or nay?

    I'm going to go with a Nay. I've closed my gate enough times with bits of gravel or something wedged in there and won't want a motor grinding away and jamming things up when unnecessary. Besides I'd still grab the gate and give it a jiggle to make sure it's secure as with my current manual gate.
  12. VI Tesla

    Tesla files patent for new type of stator

    Again, Tesla not sitting on it's hands. Love it!
  13. VI Tesla

    Door operation

    Yes model 3 is the same as Y. Saw a youtube about the X last night and one major dislike for the owner was the auto opening front doors (note:you can turn of this feature). I guess if he walked by the car with his cell in his pocket the car would often T bone him :ROFLMAO:. Or would open when...
  14. VI Tesla

    Conducting testing on 300 series stainless steel - temperature and bullet test

    The Starship ablative tiles are black upon installation. SpaceX has been sticking them to the side of the SN series during cryogenic tests to play around with mechanical and adhesive options for mounting. Do they have to be black....I'm sure someone knows. Guess I'd make them black as well so...
  15. VI Tesla

    Ok if GM/Ford go under?

    IMO it is going to to take massive restructuring of the current OEMs if they want to succeed in EVs. their bottle neck will always be batteries. The battery companies will play them off each other Re contracts, constantly raising prices, thus raising the price of the OEM EVs, making it difficult...
  16. VI Tesla

    Conducting testing on 300 series stainless steel - temperature and bullet test

    I think that's just the colour of the ablative tiles. I could be incorrect though.
  17. VI Tesla

    Best Place to Mount an Air Horn

    I want to see someone rig it up so the side sails flip up from the touch screen with horns mounted to the underside. You know for that driver in front of you missing the light because they're on the cell phone. Actually, hoping the sails do flip up from app or touch screen.
  18. VI Tesla

    Can't order?

    As Musk frequently says 'Sure'
  19. VI Tesla

    Copperhead Thread

    Stainless steel please. Although I do like some of the army green versions I've seen rendered.
  20. VI Tesla

    Can't order?

    Hopefully you haven't ordered more than you want. This happened to a fellow in Germany. He ended up ordering 28 Model 3s. Tesla kindly fixed the problem for him.