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  1. BillyGee

    VIDEO - Tesla Cybertruck TeraFactory Site Construction Is Well Underway

    Tents seem perfectly reasonable as I imagine they want to prioritize production and then they can build facilities to move into. The area is so huge that they could totally build the lines under tents and be building final facilities simultaneously.
  2. BillyGee

    The real reason for the design...?

    This. CT was top to bottom redesign based on purpose, not tradition. Also, the lawsuit is falling apart because there were several prototype trucks over the years that looked like that already, including a normal diesel truck called the "airflow starship".
  3. BillyGee

    Cybertruck’s real-time adaptive suspension features get closer with new air suspension settings update

    It really is, I've been thinking about it how bouncy my F350 super diesel is all day every day and daydreaming about how smooth and quiet my CT will be. Can't wait.
  4. BillyGee

    full steering wheel?

    You win the prize. It's going to be a normal steering wheel, possibly the fancy integrated haptic screens they patented a few months back.
  5. BillyGee

    Clear look at Cybertruck touchscreen display UI showing functions and features

    I was just thinking a speedometer and other basic stuff on a HUD that would never need to change from a major programming standpoint. Battery level, speed, heading, AP status, etc. Is the behind the wheel screen even a touch screen in the S and X?
  6. BillyGee

    Clear look at Cybertruck touchscreen display UI showing functions and features

    I'm hoping for a HUD of some kind, a giant flat screen is perfect for one.
  7. BillyGee

    Actual Completion Day

    I would argue that's the most optimistic point. Between that being so far ahead of schedule, the simplicity to manufacture the CT based on every analysis, and the permissiveness of TX manufacturing law, I would be shocked if it's delayed.
  8. BillyGee

    Cybertruck Has a Texas Home! Musk Announces Gigafactory Texas For Cybertruck Production!

    I've got 189k on my 2013 F350 diesel. Those operating costs alone cost more than the loan on my CT will be
  9. BillyGee

    Cybertruck Has a Texas Home! Musk Announces Gigafactory Texas For Cybertruck Production!

    Cool, first thing I'll get to do in my truck is drive it from TX to CA.
  10. BillyGee

    Is Range king?

    I've been following my own work mileage and worked out that I average about 83 miles a day in my service truck. That said I'm still getting a dual motor for the overhead since I a reasonable amount of off roading due to my line of work. I wish I could justify the trip motor.
  11. BillyGee

    CT Motorized Solar Panels

    Couldn't the autopilot just be given freedom to rotate the truck as needed to track the sun? Assuming you left it in an open space and just the tonneau cover had solar panelings you could maximize the power generated by just letting it turn to optimize the angle.
  12. BillyGee

    True Price of the Cybertruck

    Would it make you happier if it was more spelled out as "compared to comparable ICE vehicle"? I feel like that's the implication already.
  13. BillyGee

    True Price of the Cybertruck

    Exactly. So for comparison to my work truck: For my current truck: $3.25/Gal 17mpg = $0.19 per mile 0.19 * 500 miles * 50 work weeks * 6 Years= $28,500 in fuel costs Model X (used as comparison) ~39 kW / 100 miles of range $0.15/kW (in CA) ((39 * 0.15)/100) = ~$0.0585 per mile 0.06 * 500 * 50...
  14. BillyGee

    True Price of the Cybertruck

    I'm comfortable with 72 month because I can get a low rate and it's all a write off as a business expense anyway. It's a comparative analysis of the money I'd save in day to day operations, it will be a lot less than if I keep driving my diesel truck. I was only operating within the loan terms...
  15. BillyGee

    True Price of the Cybertruck

    Because 6 years the the usual term for a car loan. I did a cost analysis compared to my f350 diesel truck just using a model X specs. Assuming I just swapped them out and the maintenance costs stayed about even (which they won't, but that's hard to predict) I'd save about $21,000 based on...
  16. BillyGee

    True Price of the Cybertruck

    Does anyone remember how it worked for the Y and 3? That's probably your best indication.
  17. BillyGee

    Cybunker for your Cybertruck! Yes or No?

    If the price was right, maybe. My GF and I are trying to buy a house right now and being able to just plop this down somewhere would be amazing.
  18. BillyGee

    Tire options on new truck

    Based on what we know about the weight I am pretty sure you can use any multipurpose tires for the most part.
  19. BillyGee

    Raisable vault lid for bigger volume cargo

    I still don't understand why you'd need or want this. It just adds another join which can fail and would add more points that water can get into your bed when the cover is down. Why can't you just use a tent tarp?