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  1. Dids

    Why are we so crazy about the Cybertruck? Post your reason here

    It was part of a tv production support crew for a motorcycle trip. "The Long Way Up"
  2. Dids

    Why are we so crazy about the Cybertruck? Post your reason here

    Rivian drove 2 electric vehicles from Patagonia to La.
  3. Dids

    Nikola is going to crush Tesla with its new technology!

    Yes batteries explode but usually doesn't take out the neighborhood. But that isn't my big reluctance with hydrogen. Does anyone know how long fuel cell lasts in a vehicle?
  4. Dids

    Nikola Badger pickup

    Yes you can, but this thread is about Badger and has morphed into a hydrogen discussion. With that picture I wanted to point out that hydrogen has been used for transportation before and also some of its challenges. Clearly a compressed tank is better than a huge gas bag in respect to explosions.
  5. Dids

    Will the Cybertruck be allowed to drive in Europe?

    My Toyota Tacoma has a steel bumper attached to a frame and a steel hood covering a giant steel engine. Yet for some reason people think the stainless steel on the front of CT is deadlier than being hit by a Toyota Tacoma. Can someone explain to me why they think CT design is deadlier?
  6. Dids

    Nikola is going to crush Tesla with its new technology!

    I hope Nikola is successful. Big rigs running on hydrogen is better than big rigs running on diesel. But I would not want a hydrogen vehicle.
  7. Dids

    Conducting testing on 300 series stainless steel - temperature and bullet test

    Yes you are right it certainly is stamped. And it might be a stamped stainless steel. The color suggests that although they could have painted steel to match the stainless exterior panels....
  8. Dids

    Full Length Roof-Bed Cargo Rack Concept

    When you get cybertruck you will have an air compressor and can put up an airbeam tent! Plus you can run AC as long as the hot side is outside. Ohhh the possibilities. And if people get their wish the frunk will be a refrigerator.
  9. Dids

    Is regen based on motors?

    Does it matter if you are driving east vs west?
  10. Dids

    full steering wheel?

    Say chowda, Frenchie.
  11. Dids

    VW chief defies sceptics with ambitious plans to overtake Tesla

    Hmm. I'm not sure what you mean. I was specifically responding to VW and their partner in China using forced labor. I'm not sure why that would be interpreted as anti Chinese bias?
  12. Dids

    full steering wheel?

    Ha ha ha! Otis Redding!
  13. Dids

    Elon: Cybertruck's goal is to kick the most amount of ass possible

    1. Own a CT 2. Occupy a house with a solar array. 3 Steal your purified water.
  14. Dids

    No side mirror = no tow mirror

    👈Phew, phew 👉
  15. Dids

    No side mirror = no tow mirror

    I have actually driven a vehicle with no forward window. It had 3d cameras and a 3d screen. It was not a good experience although it was doable. Really had to keep your head in the right position or the 3d screen would lose perspective. However it could be driven in a total black out. No lights.
  16. Dids

    No side mirror = no tow mirror

    Cameras can see through fog, they can see through clothes, they can see in low light, they can process out bright lights, they can zoom, they can present the view anywhere. Mirrors can get fogged, they can see up skirts, they don't work in low light although they can blind you, they have to be...
  17. Dids

    full steering wheel?

    A joystick could easily have multiple places you could put it since it certainly would be a drive by wire system
  18. Dids

    full steering wheel?

    I do not know. But I once drive a car without power steering, talk about feed back! The internet seems to think the model 3 has mechanical linkage but that doesn't mean future vehicles will have it. It is not a requirement. I would think that a true FSD car would be a drive by wire. A steering...
  19. Dids

    full steering wheel?

    Hmmm. A steering wheel is required to be street legal if the vehicle is steered by linkage / assisted linkage... Not sure a wheel is required if it is a drive by wire system... If the system is speed sensitive steering then it is possible that the yoke steering never goes beyond 180 degrees....