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  1. Giga Windshield Wiper BAW closeup look 💧

    Dust said "... Cancel your Reservation.... Do it Now" (presumed to be over the mega wiper) --- Yes, hope tens of thousand's Cancel; then my I might get my truck delivered before I'm dead.
  2. Cybertruck bed rack / tool rack + accessories (shovels) first look! 🧰

    Kool, I must have a rack, unfortunately if wanted to make lumber run, I'd have to hand load or modify it to have raised cross bars to let forklift's forks out after resting the load. Still shouldn't be too hard to do than kind of modification. Any word on the load rating if any for the...
  3. Secret Cybertruck accessories parts team: What do you want them to make?

    I'd really like to see a truck rack, for longer lumber, and mid-supports for roof mounted canoe/boat. Trailers just take too long for short hauls to lumber yard or lake.