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  1. Molotov

    Ordered a second Cybertruck today!

    I originally ordered a dual motor Cybertruck 51 weeks ago. To hedge my bets I ordered a second Cybertruck today, without the opportunity to spec my configuration if Tesla moved orders of single and dual motor trucks back on the assembly line to concentrate on tri, quad, and Plaid motor...
  2. Molotov

    Tesla driver opens fire on golf course and vehicles after parking at Catoosa OK Supercharger

    Well, I hope he's not on the list for a Cybertruck! (Underlining and bold type are by me-not the police department) ---------------------------------------------- News release from Catoosa, Oklahoma Police Department "Good afternoon everyone this is Chief Benight. I wanted to ease concerns on...
  3. Molotov

    How much will the Cybertruck weigh?

    I don't know if the Cybertruck weight has been released, what with battery pack upgrades, etc. but yesterday I weighed my 2021 Model Y dual motor performance down at the Farmers Co-op on trade-legal scales and it came in a whopping 5,240 pounds, Over 2 1/2 tons! (counting the me and my...
  4. Molotov

    TSLA stock split soon?

    I was watching for an announcement of a pending stock split when TSLA hit $1000/share. It didn't happen. One of the reasons for a split is to bring the price per share down to a level that the Average Joe can afford, but still not dilute the total value of shares already held. Maybe when it...