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  1. Leaked interior Cybertruck photo!

    No valid basis not to have HUD with all the data a driver will be able to use. In terms of user experience and GUI, that would score highest on a test group IMO
  2. Will You Wrap Your Cybertruck?

    Does anyone have a reputable guess on the dimensions of the tailgate in case I want to try to put a skin on it for logo?
  3. Business Insider: Tesla's Cybertruck is finally coming. It's going to rattle rivals and transform the EV market as we know it.

    I currently drive a Range Rover Sport. I wanted the same or better performance, utility, and lower TOTAL COST OF OWNERSHIP. The cool factor is just a bonus. Compare a new Range Rover purchase price to the CT. The CT will be lower while accelerating faster with huge advantages in repair and...
  4. Motortrend global president is thinking 80k

    Thinking of putting an ad for my biz on the tailgate and writing the entire cost off as a marketing/advertising expense. Will it fly?

    AUTOS INDUSTRY Ford, Tesla CEOs Exchange Jabs and Praise Amid Heated EV Rivalry The banter between Ford’s Jim Farley and Tesla’s Elon Musk is a continuation of years of exchanges that have veered between playful barbs and mutual admiration. By Nora Eckert and Rebecca Elliott Jim Farley of Ford...
  7. What’s Our “Jeep Wave”? Cybertruck Wave

    Just CT not all Teslas. We have time. Play with it. Maybe a C made with thumb and forefinger on left hand?
  8. Cybertruck stainless changing to Aluminum?????

    Spent a mint on designing, purchasing, and installing specific-purpose machines to bend and shape stainless in a completely new way. They wouldn’t expend those resources if they weren’t going to do it the way they said they were; 3 mm stainless.
  9. IRS EV Tax Credits Pricing Idea for Quad Motor CT

    If the quad motor comes in at $79,999 sale price it could qualify for the $7500 credit. This could be made possible if FSD is an “after-market” app purchase or subscription arrangement. Any hope?
  10. Tailgate looks dull without logo / design

    Do your own small business logo and url. Write off the entire truck expense as advertising expense.
  11. Any 500mi range updates?

    Please stay off the roads where I drive. The 10 under folks cause so much discomfort in urban areas like DC! Selfish.
  12. Any 500mi range updates?

    Ideally, large battery and supercharge capability best of both worlds if you will own it somewhere rural and distant from any charger other than your home.
  13. [Video Added!] Cybertruck spotted with new side mirror design! Musk confirms removable (Feb 1, 2023) 📸

    Not sure how we can get it in single car garage stall with the mirrors on given how wide the specs looks to be.