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  1. cvalue13

    Tow hitch hook on Cybertruck -- closeup look without cover

    EDIT TO ADD: The admin created this thread, excising this discussion RE rear bumper from another thread fair enough, as in that other thread it was a bit of a birdwalk. Just FYI though RE the source of this thread
  2. cvalue13

    Yes 'Exoskeleton'?

    A thought experiment to set this up: Take the CT "endoskeleton" as we know it based on recent photos. Then consider two different vehicles built around it. Both have identical suspension robustness. In the first vehicle, hang upon it conventional sheet metal like the Model Y, fastened to the...
  3. cvalue13

    Pre-Production Proto Bed and Bulkhead Features Analysis

    Again informed by the few new photos of CT construction, like the Q1 earnings frame photo, crash test video, and a particularly helpful pic from @greggertruck - I've put into photo format some of my mental map of some of the bed / bulkhead features. None meant to be definitive to any fraction...
  4. cvalue13

    Cybertruck Front Casting Analysis (and Frunk Implications) - 3 vs 2 Chickens

    Let's just say I didn't want to do paying work today
  5. cvalue13

    Mounting (?) Points in Cybertruck Bed Floor - Ideas?

    A recent track video showed some unusual dark spots within the bed of the Cybertruck. The dark spots were clearly rectangular, paired across the width of the bed, and spaced on the length of the bed at three locations: near the bulkhead ~ just behind the rear axel, and just forward of the...
  6. cvalue13

    Portable air compressor rec for truck/home?

    I know the CT should have onboard air, but until then: Wondering if folks have a rec for a portable air compressor I can keep in the current truck, for airing anything from the truck’s tires to pool inflatables I’ve spent some time “researching” online, but feel like I’ve lost the ability to...
  7. cvalue13

    Crash Test Video Measurements For Cybertruck Dimensions

    EDIT TO ADD: The CT crash prototype is nearly identical to the unveil on-screen specs. wheelbase is ~142" max width flare-to-flare ~82" length nose-to-tail ~230" the above within +/- 1-2" margin of error I'd guess Thought the interior dimensions appear a bit tight, but hard to say. If you...
  8. cvalue13

    Another Cybertruck Measurement Dimensions Thread - Based on New Videos

    Admitting right off the bat the limitations of measuring things on screens, and that this is purely for whiling away time until real numbers are known: BUT, the newest videos out of CA do give us what I believe is a *collective* first: a regulation CA license plate on the ‘pre-production...
  9. cvalue13

    Lightning Thrashed on Back Roads By Bug-Out Prepper YouTuber

    While about the F150 Lightning, I thought this a fun watch for anyone excited about BEV trucks. So, before there are any misinterpretations about implications of one brand’s superiority over any other, please save the unnecessary wiener measuring and view it instead as indicative of what BEV...
  10. cvalue13

    Midgate a No-Go (Assuming Tonneau Patent)?

    A cluster of evidence below which taken together suggests the midgate is a no-go if the final CT utilizes the known (to me) tonneau patent. (Apologies if I’ve simply missed someone else having laid this out in detail before - please link if so.) Finally got around to reading the tonneau patent...
  11. cvalue13

    Explaining How CT Could Shrink To The Same Size

    This purported news of the CT “shrinking” 5%, yet resulting in the CT staying the “same” size, has some people confused across various threads - thought it worth explaining (if only to myself - and for correction) this un-magic trick (I.e.., misunderstanding) HERE IS HOW THE CT PURPORTEDLY...
  12. cvalue13

    Carbon Fiber Underbody spotted?

    I posted this buried in a long thread elsewhere, but with no nibbles/discussion there I on second thought decided I’d tease it out here - as it seems a potentially interesting (confusing?) separate topic: From investor day, an IG account posted among other things this underbody shot (taken from...
  13. cvalue13

    CT Rear End Deep Dive (har har)

    Started studying the video from a few weeks ago out of Palo Alto, and was particularly interested in the rear end: Several observations: • the photo above’s angle emphasizes that the rear “window” is really more of a rear peephole; expected this when the years old ride-along video showed...
  14. cvalue13

    Super Bowl Commercial from “Dawn Project” calls out Tesla self-driving

    So far twice run super bowl commercial calling out Tesla’s self-driving - was this run regionally (I’m in Texas) or did everyone see it?
  15. cvalue13

    Ford Gives Dealers Six Weeks To Decide If They Want To Continue Selling EVs

    Pasting InsideEV article below Ford Gives Dealers Six Weeks To Decide If They Want To Continue Selling EVs Dealers are either all in on electrification or they're going to be left out. Tom Moloughney In what will certainly send shock waves across the industry, Ford dropped a bomb at its...
  16. cvalue13

    R1T vs. F150L “Cargo” Comparison (by Alex on Autos)

    With one big caveat, I thought this was an interesting comparison of the R1T vs F150L cargo capabilities and features: The big caveat, however, is the lack of comparing cabin space. In short, the cabin space of the F150L is huge compared to the R1T, but especially the back seat area - which...