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  1. Coolbreeze704

    💬 Cybertruck production starting next week (month of June) confirmed by Tesla manufacturing engineer at Automate trade show

    @greggertruck mentioned they are speakers. Sideview with Tesla is on center screen. You can set up where on the screen you want them to display pretty easy
  2. Coolbreeze704

    Leaked interior Cybertruck photo!

    With 360 camera's and being able to see my truck accurately with view from above I do not need to look outside my truck at all when doing any complicated parking. I turn on the 360 view and trust it completely. I have never felt as confident when parking before.
  3. Coolbreeze704

    Leaked interior Cybertruck photo!

    How long before this one disappears? I give it 10 minutes max
  4. Coolbreeze704

    Leaked interior Cybertruck photo!

    Agreed. Coolest ride ever. Until you had a head on of course.
  5. Coolbreeze704

    Leaked interior Cybertruck photo!

    Hopefully better than using some chickens. Sorry Ogre
  6. Coolbreeze704

    Leaked interior Cybertruck photo!

    I am 5"11 and 185lbs. This is me this morning in my 2023 F-150. To me does not look much different as far how a medium sized, medium framed male fits in the seat. I think he may have more leg room actually. Dash perspective and size is so hard to get a grasp of from a pic. Got to see it and sit...
  7. Coolbreeze704

    Leaked interior Cybertruck photo!

    Hopefully that is memory foam up on the dash. Could be a great place to catch a few winks once we have level 5 autonomy
  8. Coolbreeze704

    Business Insider: Tesla's Cybertruck is finally coming. It's going to rattle rivals and transform the EV market as we know it.

    First delivery was May 26th 2022 so coming up on 1 year anniversary. I was so jealous. Had to wait another 8 months to get my 2023
  9. Coolbreeze704

    Silverado 450 Miles of Range

    Impressive! That will be 10x Hummer production. You did it Mary. You matter.
  10. Coolbreeze704

    John from Cleanerwatt - "The initial pricing of the CyberTruck will be $90,000 - $120,000"

    I really enjoy his content and find him to be very credible. I just feel like he outside his realm of expertise once he gets into conjecture on pricing. Great, great resource though for everything battery related.
  11. Coolbreeze704

    It is going to be hard to make it affordable

    I have always been in this camp. I have to say though if he is only expecting 250k a year to me it sounds like he realizes he can not price to disrupt and only the wise who will do their homework will get the reason to switch from Ford, Chevy, and Ram.
  12. Coolbreeze704

    📡 EXCLUSIVE: Cybertruck specs update including dimensions, seating, displays, tires / wheels, accessories & more! [from video aired 3/10/23]

    Why would anyone with a hyphenated name EVER feel entitled? Cvalue13 - It have been awesome if had a countdown timer to announce your post.
  13. Coolbreeze704

    🔥 Cybertruck Spied Out of California! – Driving on Texas Roads! 🤠 🔥

    Confirmed 1st Cybertruck seen with partial blue wrap started!?
  14. Coolbreeze704

    Like a Lamborghini

    In limp mode also. They have fallen down and can't get back up vertical
  15. Coolbreeze704

    What does it weigh?,it%20around%2030%2C000%20total%20miles.&text=The%20Tesla%20Semi%20has%20a%20total%20cargo%20weight%20of%20about,between%2040%2C000%20to%2054%2C000%20lbs. The...
  16. Coolbreeze704

    What does it weigh?

    Are you asking about the semi weight or the Cybertruck?
  17. Coolbreeze704

    What does it weigh?

    The Cybertruck floats so it weighs the same as a duck