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  1. Dusty

    Silverado 450 Miles of Range

    (Checks GMs EV production volume history and roadmap) Yeah OK, GM. Can't wait. (Goes back to sleep)
  2. Dusty

    It is going to be hard to make it affordable

    @cvalue13 Eyeroll. Dude's like... "This isn't direct towards you..." (proceeds to fire several rounds at feet). I get it, you're the details guy. You ever think that quip-lords™ shorten their replies and give" soft-headed" hot-takes because 8 times out of 10¹ long pedantic monologues suck...
  3. Dusty

    Motortrend global president is thinking 80k

    I think its $300k for couples.
  4. Dusty

    It is going to be hard to make it affordable

    Ford and Rivian lose money on every Lightning/R1S/R1T they sell. Tesla knows this, so the pressure of delivering a sub-$50k CT at this point is exactly zero. On top of that Ford and Rivian EV trucks combined didn't even deliver 15k in Q1 of this year. The bottom line is that if a $55k base CT...
  5. Dusty

    What price point will you cancel your order?

    The math is easy for Tesla. They'll hit the charts to determine which version they can sell every single one of, at their fastest build rate, and highest margin throughout 2024. That's what will drive the price. The ramp causes low volume so the money made has to be maximized.
  6. Dusty

    If you could request three factory add-ons, what would they be?

    All I need is a winch, rock rails, and an option for powder coated bumpers.
  7. Dusty

    It is going to be hard to make it affordable

    @charliemagpie : If Tesla sells the CT model originally slated for $40k for $55k and they make a 1% margin on it, they'll be making 100% more profit at a lower price than every other EV truck maker on the market. The sad state of Rivian and Ford manufacturing creates a low bar for Tesla to have...
  8. Dusty


    That's why they say the goal is for you to attain a certain amount of wealth that when added to discretionary funds equals "Fcku You Money".
  9. Dusty

    It is going to be hard to make it affordable

    In Northern VA Teslas are super common so Plaids slip under the radar. Porsches don't really get a second look either. Here, there's a dividing line in car-types where it's either incredibly loud or outwardly blatantly expensive and the attention seeking douchebag gene kicks in.
  10. Dusty

    It is going to be hard to make it affordable

    I agree. I'm in a nice low spot if they follow the reservation numbers at all. I'm lucky in my pricing-pain tolerance as well, with an odd personal limit. I have to be honest, I'll feel a little embarrassed to drive a vehicle that is as "in your face" if it's excessively expensive. I've always...
  11. Dusty

    40,000 Production this year prediction

    See step #2 and #3 on my list... That puts you squarely in September.
  12. Dusty

    40,000 Production this year prediction

    Step #1: Apply Elon filter to statement (+/- 30% as necessary) Step #2: Remove Hopes & Dreams goggles (+/- 20% as necessary) Step #3: Come to grips with reality (+/- 15% as necessary) Probably 8-10k from August-December. With perfect execution and late July approval and employee sales...
  13. Dusty

    It is going to be hard to make it affordable

    When the Twitter CEO rumors turned out to be true, the first thing I thought of was the CT launch. I think he's concentrating on Starship and CT for the rest of the year. For him to waste brain cycles on Twitter seems 'not wise'.
  14. Dusty

    Tesla Will be advertising! (to some extent)

    Tesla has to put the word out. People in my family (sis-in-law especially) think that Teslas, at any time, will randomly gun the accelerator and cut the wheel hard right jumping you off an overpass. I'm serious. The first time she got in the car she was visibly anxious and the warning chimes...
  15. Dusty

    It is going to be hard to make it affordable

    This is the part of speculation I hate and try not to get wrapped up in. But I feel like the first year will be the CT with the best margin for Tesla. I'm thinking the spec monster/high price version to spark demand then the lower spec will fly off the lines at volume 8 months to a year later...
  16. Dusty

    Cybertruck content & summary from Cyber Roundup 2023 (+ Annual Shareholder Meeting Live Stream) 🍿

    Maybe it's personal opinion, but either way it works for me.
  17. Dusty

    First Cybertruck Front Castings Spotted at Giga Texas!

    That artificial shadow is either hiding a preproduction jerry-rig imperfection that they don't want anyone to gripe about, or it's hiding a suspension engineering surprise. Either way, someone at Tesla said, "Hey, we shouldn't show that.". Hmmm. . .
  18. Dusty

    Cybertruck Front Casting Analysis (and Frunk Implications) - 3 vs 2 Chickens

    What do you think is up with the shock towers not having a pass through. Maybe I'm not versed in suspensions enough but I've never seen a mount point without a passthrough. Notice how aggressive the shadow is at the top of the shock mount in the assembly line picture? Anybody have any insight...
  19. Dusty

    First Cybertruck Front Castings Spotted at Giga Texas!

    There's no advantage to revealing the truck earlier, considering that people are never satisfied, particularly those on the internet. The demands won't stop at the a body reveal; people will want to know the specifications, pricing, and release dates. So, why showcase the look of the final truck...
  20. Dusty

    What does it weigh?

    We're working on confirming coolbreeze704's results to get you an answer...