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  1. Dealership model vs. direct sales?

    Do you believe in free market capitalism when it comes to car sales? Let your voice be known in this poll:
  2. What is this on Cybertruck's rear wheel?

    Lars has a new video out that covers market and production dynamics of Cybertruck and F-150 Lightning and at 18:24 in the video there is what looks like a Tesla supplied image of the Cybertruck with what looks like something big stuck to the right rear wheel. Does anyone know what it is? I think...
  3. A wristwatch to compliment your new Cybertruck

    What watch do you think does justice to the functional beauty, brutal styling and elegant simplicity of the Cybertruck? My wife alerted me to a limited edition watch just released by Citizen and I thought it was worth sharing here since I think it's a good fit for future Cybertruck owners. If...