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    Elon Musk: Cybertruck option packages & [aftermarket] third-party add-ons will be 🔥🔥

    3rd party attachment points and with trying to keep the cost down...hmmm 3rd party aftermarket everything! You only get the exoskeleton! The cybertruck as we know it has all of those 3rd party options installed already!

    Cybertruck Crash Test Video Released by Tesla! 💥

    Turns out that the truck just stopped there. It never crashed. Nothing to see here..


    A friend sent me screenshots of a cyber truck-like roadster but didn't tell me where they came from. Turns out it was off of Jonsibal's Instagram. Take a look at his Cybertruck Hoonigan concept car. RIP Ken block Instagram - Jonsibal

    Cybertruck may be getting Steam!

    careful.. yall's age is showing! 😂 i would definitely play Space Engineers and or Elden Ring while charging/camping. Apparently, the hardware exceeds that of a PS5 (Amazing). There would be no rhyme or reason it would be less than the available hardware used for the S/X. I feel that the 3/Y...

    Cybertruck may be getting Steam!

    How will anyone be able to finish any game with the 1mw charging?? the tech just keeps getting better and better

    Cybertruck Body Prototype Casting spied uncovered!! 😲

    I'm loving these new Panel Gaps.

    Right to repair; Sustainable prioritisation

    Another problem with not having right to repair is competition on pricing and diagrams. My brother's Model S (2013) battery died and tesla quoted him 23.5k to replace it (i still think tesla might be pulling a Fisker with battery-destroying software on older free-to-charge tesla's) It totaled...

    Cybertruck reportedly getting better stainless steel material -- from 30X s.s. to 304L

    I've always heard YouTubers and reporters call it "30 times (x) cold rolled steel"... and I've always said that is wrong. I felt like Elon didn't know what alloy he will use. I was happy on reveal day that there wasn't a 40X series stainless listed.. Like some appliances.. (some walmart...

    Brown CT

    Id hate to see your sink 😂. I use mine daily and re-grain it about once a month. Plus, I have one of those sink grates that sit on the bottom so nothing really touches the sink.

    Brown CT

    you are the ONLY one ive seen that cleans SS in the grain direction..(i do it as well). Ugh, it makes me uneasy when i see people who clean a sink with a swirling motion... I wonder how many CT's will have swirl marks..

    Hardware 4 being introduced with the Cybertruck

    Hardware 4 and Full self driving computer 2 will "Probably" be introduced with the cybertruck.. Thoughts? <a href=""></script>

    Gigapress Update! From Joe Tegtmeyer

    Wow. I had a 750-ton Cincinnati press brake and I had to have a trench about 6ft deep. This is amazing how these new presses are.

    Ford has officially raised their Lightning pricing

    Hahah this was exactly what I was going to say... It is fitting that the price "Increase" happens to be the same amount as the proposed EV credit...UAW is so corrupt. Considering even the battery pack/materials need to be harvested in the US, even fewer EV cars will be eligible for the EV Tax...

    Musk: "Cybertruck pricing and specs will be different, but it will be a damn fine product."

    I am emailing Jimmy Carter if he can subsidize my Cybertruck purchase...Or I will need to tap into my Gold Fund

    Im calling it.. Cybertruck and Roadster will be at the LA Auto Show

    Im going to call it.. The CT and the Roadster will be at the LA Auto Show in November. This is probably where we can see the final CT prior to production. (in the office today and pretending to work, so im on here)

    Bird droppings on stainless steel

    just use Laquer thinner. That's what I've used to clean stainless on multiple occasions.. also.. GO WITH THE GRAIN when cleaning.. nothing worse than swirl marks. when done, polish it up with WD-40 or "Sheila-Shine".. best stuff ever

    Cybertruck 900V architecture confirmed?

    What does this mean? 800 vs 900?