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  1. Chevy Silverado Stats Released

    According to Teslarati: The Silverado will start production this fall with range of 400 miles, towing capacity of 10k-20k lbs and start at $105k. I don't think they will manufacturer many and I don't think they'll sell many...
  2. Possible midgate message in Tesla app?

    I just got the holiday update on my 2020 MY yesterday. Today was the first day I drove it since. I was opening the app to precondition the car and while the app was loading, for about 0.75 seconds I think I saw the word "midgate" in the UI. I haven't been able to reproduce it and I didn't get a...
  3. Mexico Nuevo Leon Factory rumored in the works

    According to Teslarati Tesla will be opening a factory in Nuevo Leon to assemble cargo trucks. Is that like a U Haul or is that the pull behind camper from the reveal night teaser photos. If not the latter where would those pull behind campers be manufactured? Do you think they will be available...
  4. Polishing the Cybertruck to mirror finish?

    I was only partially listening to this video while at work, but it got me wondering if you could polish the CT to the point that it has a mirror like surface. Thoughts?