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  1. Round Steering Wheel hope? Seen in Cybertruck prototype video

    i like the cluster behind the wheel
  2. Elon Musk: Cybertruck option packages & [aftermarket] third-party add-ons will be 🔥🔥

    I haven't bought it yet, he goes too far and I will drop it like a hot potato, I have an S now, and will keep it either way, but the truck, he might lose me on if they don't start talking soon.
  3. Giga Windshield Wiper BAW closeup look 💧

    Thanks, I wasn't trying to be an A-hole, I am also not sad, I just wanted to know, I love my Tesla's but the truth comes out in pc's about these big companies :) I do, do my research, doesn't mean I will see everything you did or heard it all. I wish people could talk without saying things to...
  4. My real motivation in owning a CyberTruck

    Honesty, is such a rare thing anymore, Thanks :) I also never rotate my tires, they have not needed it. transmission fluid is really cheap as well :)
  5. Giga Windshield Wiper BAW closeup look 💧

    Whats the truth? You must know it, I would like to know what not to trust.
  6. Cybertruck bed rack / tool rack + accessories (shovels) first look! 🧰

    Is there a problem with the left side looking at it, looks like the bar has a dead area.
  7. Poll: How often do you use your frunk? (Or see yourself using it)

    I use my Frunk to store things I don't use as often, so everyday :)