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  1. FarAway

    CyberQuad lives on!

    I'd be in for one of these if affordable and I could roll it in with the truck purchase. From Tesla Space weekly update... CYBERQUAD LIVES ON - It looks like the CyberQuad - Tesla’s angular, Cybertruck-themed ATV - has a pulse! On May 9th, Tesla filed for a fresh trademark for the name -...
  2. FarAway

    5000 miles on a charge!!

    Now that would be an EV! New battery technology promises to increase EV range 10-fold. Realistically, a manufacturer would probably decrease the number of batteries installed for both...
  3. FarAway

    Another Jim Cramer hit piece on the Cybertruck

    Cramer takes lots of cheap shots at the Cybertruck. Well, if HE thinks it's ugly, then it has to be ugly... (insert eye roll here :cautious:). The guy is a total buffoon, IMHO this pretty much assures the CT will be a hit. I'm going all in on TSLA. From the article: But as per Mad Money...
  4. FarAway

    Tesla Cybertruck reservation holders maintain high ‘intent to buy,’ says survey

    Excerpt from an article that looks at CT reservation holders and their intent to carry through. It appears the majority of CT truck reservation holders do intend to follow through with the purchase! Posted on April 15, 2023 According to a new survey, Tesla Cybertruck reservation holders...
  5. FarAway

    "Why we NO longer need the Cybertruck"

    Reading this article, it sounds as if the reporter had been assigned the task of trashing the CT. Definitely, a shill for the status quo (think F-150). Read the article to be prepared but don't let the idiot upset you. I think his last article may have been "Why We No Longer Need the Model...
  6. FarAway

    3D Printing

    3-D printing? I know some people are "printing" different parts and accessories or their cars. I am thinking about getting into it, but I don't even know enough to ask the right questions. My definition of experience, it is something you get ten minutes after you needed it. Recommendations...
  7. FarAway

    You want fries with that Tesla burger?

    Patent filings and real estate acquisitions suggest that the company will open a diner in Hollywood, California. Tesla Wants to Build a 1950s-Style Diner...
  8. FarAway

    Getting an Invite to Tesla Investor Day

    As a stockholder, how does one secure an invite to Tesla Invstor Day (in particular) and to other Tesla events (in general)?
  9. FarAway

    Tesla and Auto Shows

    Does Tesla participate in any auto shows? The Washington DC show is coming up and there is no Tesla presence. Just wondering if we will get a chance to actually see a Cybertruck before it goes into production. I am still resisting the urge to fly across the country and visit Petersen's.