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  1. FarAway

    Tesla Cybertruck Materials Supply Chain Leader (El Akkari) Leaves For Rivian

    Yeah, he has done such a "great" job. (TIC) Bah-bye, and good luck to Rivian.
  2. FarAway

    What concept cars would you skip CT for?

    Jetson's flying car.
  3. FarAway

    Cybertruck has dual 8" subwoofers! 🔊 🔊

    Ok, He is funny! Tell him that we are all going to put a playing card in the spoke of the wheels, too.
  4. FarAway

    Will there be white interior for the CyberTruck?

    I hate black. Having lived in Arizonia and California.... the sun is brutal on black interior, the vehicle interior literally becomes an oven. I would prefer a natural leather color (light beige) or a gray.... never white though.
  5. FarAway

    Leaked interior Cybertruck photo!

    Where are my drink cup holders? In the center console? I hope the drinks don't slosh or spill because that will be a mess and difficult to clean. Yes, visibility is less than optimal. Given the design with the pillars and sloping frunk hood, I am not sure how to remedy that. Guess I'll...
  6. FarAway

    CyberQuad lives on!

    I'd be in for one of these if affordable and I could roll it in with the truck purchase. From Tesla Space weekly update... CYBERQUAD LIVES ON - It looks like the CyberQuad - Tesla’s angular, Cybertruck-themed ATV - has a pulse! On May 9th, Tesla filed for a fresh trademark for the name -...
  7. FarAway

    John from Cleanerwatt - "The initial pricing of the CyberTruck will be $90,000 - $120,000"

    ..... and in VA. you have a ANNUAL personal property tax on vehicles. It is literally a gift that keeps on giving.
  8. FarAway

    40,000 Production this year prediction

    Given that Elon said they were shooting for a production quota of 250,000 units per year and maybe even up to a half million if enough demand is there. That is over 20K CT's per month on the low end of the monthly production goal. So, the question is how long to open and get to a "mature"...
  9. FarAway

    Leak images of Cybertruck analysis Tail Gate Lights

    Except for red light, it doesn't affect night vision.
  10. FarAway

    How old are you?

    I think I had to scroll down more to find my CT reservation number than I did my age and I didn't order all that quick. Probably not a good sign. o_O
  11. FarAway

    5000 miles on a charge!!

    Now that would be an EV! New battery technology promises to increase EV range 10-fold. Realistically, a manufacturer would probably decrease the number of batteries installed for both...
  12. FarAway

    Cybertruck stainless changing to Aluminum?????

    I draw the line at driving a "beer can."
  13. FarAway

    How long will you wait for your Cybertruck?

    Nice build! Ditto. I am in a similar spot, we also just finished building our home. We looked at SIPS (really nice!) but ultimately went with ICF's. I was the architect, GC and overall project manager. It was a two-year build but we had almost every contract locked prior to Covid. Still...
  14. FarAway

    Yoke vs. steering wheel

    For the airline pilots, it is because they keep raising the mandatory retirement age! LOL
  15. FarAway

    Yoke vs. steering wheel

    Never said you couldn't have both, or one, or the other. It should be intuitively obvious to even the most casual observer the jets are from totally different eras. I said as much in my post. The juxtaposition of the two photo's was meant to do nothing more than visually contrast the...
  16. FarAway

    Yoke vs. steering wheel

    Not very effectively, huh?
  17. FarAway

    Yoke vs. steering wheel

    You guys are soooo conventional. Get out of the BOX! :cool: Since we no longer have to worry about a front center seat (sorry), I believe we should use that center console space for a joystick controller. Now that's a WOW! The aviation industry has already moved on from wheels, "steam...
  18. FarAway

    Invited to Giga Texas Annual Shareholder Meeting! Got Questions or Requests?

    I balked at giving them my username and password to my brokerage account to verify stock ownership. I did not figure out another way to do it, the instructions were somewhat cryptic.