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  1. When do you think we will hear the production specs of the Cybertruck?

    Elon has suggested an update on CT will be released this quarter. When do you think that will happen? Knowing "Elon time", my guess is late June 2021 or later.
  2. This site has affected my thought processes – not necessarily for the better

    I was not aware of this website until I stumbled upon it while searching for more info & opinions on the Cyberlandr camper concept. While I am not generally a “truck guy”, I have owned a few trucks (3) in the distant past. In late 2014 I decided it was time I finally became more...
  3. Will the global chip shortage impact Cybertruck deliveries?

    Do you think the current chip (integrated circuit) shortage that is impacting all vehicle manufacturers will continue to the point that it delays Cybertruck deliveries? Personally, I doubt the issue will be resolved before Giga Texas is ready to start CT production.