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  1. How big of a price increase would you tolerate?

    While the current inflationary period does make it appear Tesla will be unable to sell CTs at the originally announced prices, I think if there is a price increase they will try to make it a minimal one.
  2. How many Cybertrucks annually at full volume production?

    I think it is currently extremely difficult to predict even remotely close to what will actually happen for several reasons. While I am hopeful Tesla will be able to produce 500k+ CTs per year, I think the ramp could be somewhat difficult. First, producing the stainless steel body at scale...
  3. Elon Musk says the chip shortage is a ‘short-term’ problem

    While I hope Elon is correct and not just being his usually optimistic self, I think those who are predicting the chip shortage will last at least another year are probably more accurate.
  4. Update from Elon: Cybertruck production starting late 2022 and volume production in 2023

    While like many here I am a bit bummed by this announcement, I think there could be an upside to it. The delay could cause some to cancel their reservation and thus those of us who reserved rather late might see our reservations move up the list. This delay was not totally unexpected as the...
  5. Autopilot/FSD and the HOV lane

    To my knowledge, Tesla firmware does NOT check or care how many occupants are in the vehicle. It does however warn if a seat sensor is triggered and the corresponding seatbelt is not fastened. Use or avoidance of toll roads and HOV lanes are preferences that can be set for the navigation system.
  6. Vault door

    I agree a multi-hinge double opening tailgate could be useful, but the extra complexity and cost does NOT seem worth it especially since the tailgate also houses a 2-section ramp. Personally I think the tailgate will be too heavy for a hinge that would allow "door" opening. I would rather have...
  7. What does "Beta Phase" mean?

    I think many of us (myself included) are wondering what Tesla means by the use of those obscure terms. The following is pure speculation without any supporting evidence: I think their "Alpha" phase is figuring out procedures, parts, and equipment needed to make CTs at scale. And "Beta" would...
  8. How will delivery of the Cybertruck work?

    I think Tesla changes their delivery policies periodically depending on location and circumstances. If near the end of a quarter, they want the delivery completed quickly and are much less flexible. In my case, my first Model S in 2015 was delivered to my home as there is no store/service...
  9. Alaska

    Rail - NO. There is the Alaska Marine Highway (ferry) system that is a possibility for taking your CT to Alaska and back. Southern port would be Bellingham, Washington. Northern port for the trip would be Whittier, Alaska. Alaska Marine Highway It should be noted that it is a SLOW trip as...
  10. Frunk-Gate! Why should the mid-gate get all the fun?

    Topics like this just prove we are getting a bit weird waiting not only for CT production to start, but for ANY official info from Tesla as to final specs and images of the production CT. ;)
  11. Alaska

    As a former Alaska resident who has driven the AL-Can twice, I can see the appeal of your plan. Unfortunately due to the extreme remoteness of much of the area I doubt there will be reasonable charging opportunities anytime in the foreseeable future. :mad: I don't know your camping...
  12. Anyone selling what your CT will replace?

    My current plan is to have the Cybertruck as a second vehicle. I really only need one vehicle, so I am undecided about keeping or selling my Model S. There is also the possibility that I might decide the wait for delivery is too long and that I really do not need the CT so might cancel my...
  13. Reservation order integrity

    In answer to the original question and relative to what I recall reading here and there, I believe there are at least 3 items that could affect when one gets the chance to complete their order and take delivery of a CT: order of reservation; variant (single/dual/tri motor) and trim options. I...
  14. Bug Residue on Windshield

    Great idea! (y) I have never seen any "services" at superchargers other than the rarely seen trash barrel. Thus I doubt there will ever be any windshield cleaning facility at supercharger locations other than the suggested possibility of someone offering the service for a few $$. And that...
  15. Cybertruck Plaid

    Personally, I doubt there will be a plaid CT as the only "performance" metrics commonly associated with trucks is towing and load carrying capacities. And CT already has impressive numbers in those categories. Further the 0-60 time of the tri-motor variant is already very impressive for a truck.
  16. Hoping for a Cybertruck update June 10

    While I think any update on the CT or the cyber ATV would be wonderful (and overdue), I doubt that will happen. I hope I am wrong (again). ;)
  17. What would prevent your purchase?

    With the current lack of any official specs on the production CT, I think it is impossible to say if I will finalize an order or cancel my reservation. At this time there is far too much we do not know about the production CT's specs or possible options.
  18. Hacking group Anonymous issues threat to Elon Musk

    The real reason the hacking group is mad at Elon is that their main assets are in bitcoin and stupid bitcoin traders are overreacting to Elon's tweets.
  19. Depreciation

    While I agree with the general assumption that until reservations are satisfied, Cybertrucks could become an appreciating asset. However I doubt the 250k/yr production figure in part because I have not seen that stated anywhere other than in this thread. Further if the supply chain issues...
  20. Tesla Boats/Watercraft?

    I will take exception to the above statement. Currently boats are selling faster than manufacturers can make them. It seems the pandemic has inspired a lot of people to seek recreation on the water. Even used boats are selling for more than the asking price. While true that the road vehicle...