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  1. Canada's Upcoming 20% Surtax [Closed For Politics]

    Or even better, simply don‘t order and pay for FSD. Save money, save taxes, be happy.
  2. Yoke Steering Wheel in S, X Cybertruck. NHTSA says, ‘What you talking ‘bout, Elon?!”

    Backing up with your head turned and your hand on top of the wheel is the correct technique.
  3. Yoke Steering Wheel in S, X Cybertruck. NHTSA says, ‘What you talking ‘bout, Elon?!”

    I hope the transportation safety board does its job and requires Tesla to install side mirrors, round steering wheels, door handles and wipers.
  4. Elon Musk suggests Cybertruck is not happening this year

    As I have been saying for a long time and yes I know this makes people mad, but the CT won‘t be in the hands of customers before 2023.
  5. Who Else is Hoping for a Redesign for Wife's Acceptance?

    The Tracker is a complete guess. Nobody knows. Not even EM
  6. Cybertruck Hot Wheels 1:64 Die-Cast

    I need the real one.
  7. When do you think Tesla will begin contacting people for Cybertruck orders?

    I’m pretty high in the list, so I really hope I receive an email by early 2023.
  8. Edmunds: Tesla Model Y versus Shelby GT500

    Hmm. I reckon my 4 year old Model S with a 1/2 SOC, and loaded down with 5 people and the hatch full of cargo could beat this Mustang? The answer is yes. By a lot.
  9. Cyberwar (Cybertruck vs Model Y)

    Heck, Tesla can’t even solve my issue with turning off the heat seaters. I’m not kidding. I love Tesla but their not as smart as you think.
  10. Cyberwar (Cybertruck vs Model Y)

    I don’t talk politics here. Go away.
  11. FSD and passing on highway

    Excerpt that the National Safety Board disagrees with you. That’s why they forced a recall.
  12. A wristwatch to compliment your new Cybertruck

    Wow. You seem to know everything about everything.
  13. Cybertruck insurance with a bullet resistant body?

    It’s is my experience that Tesla vehicles cost more to insure and way more to repair.
  14. Cyberwar (Cybertruck vs Model Y)

    I’m sorry you feel that way. I am very pro Tesla and Elon Musk. I consider Elon one of a the very few people who have lived in this world as a true genius. people who changed the world. People like Alexander Gram Bell, Ben Franklin, Howard Hughes, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs to name a few. But at...
  15. Cyberwar (Cybertruck vs Model Y)

    Like I said. I have been driving Ford trucks most of my driving life. A general contractor by trade and very experienced with hauling and towing. The slats will be a problem. Mark my words. If you have owned a truck, well the. You should know. Your entitled To your opinion however.
  16. FSD and passing on highway

    I understand your statement, but it also makes me feel that you do not own a Tesla. They are safety driven when the screen is black.
  17. What percentage of pre-orders will actually buy?

    I hope they ship in 2022, but for a lot of reasons I don’t actually think they will ship until 2023. I’m pretty up on the list, if that even matters.
  18. New here! Some thoughts on Cybertruck

    Yea. That not happening. Not in real Life. Only in Elon’s mind. I think we all love him for saying crazy stuff like that, but let’s all come back to the real world.
  19. A wristwatch to compliment your new Cybertruck

    The finer things in life come with price. It’s reality.
  20. Cyberwar (Cybertruck vs Model Y)

    And where will all that water go? Into the sealed battery’s? having groves in a truck bed is a dumb idea. Sorry.