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  1. jhogan2424

    Ship carrying EVs burning out of control

    So glad Tesla wasn’t specifically mentioned in this article as being one of the car types on the ship. They would have been blamed for the entire accident no matter the true cause.
  2. jhogan2424

    Any network geniuses in the forum to answer a question?

    I have been dealing with the same very specific WiFi access point issue in three separate locations that I have yet to solve and hoping with all the intelligent folks that hang around here it is likely someone can give me a conclusive answer. If someone wants to take a crack at it raise your...
  3. jhogan2424

    What will happen to diesel powered equipment?

    EVs are going to be mainstream for personal transportation in the very near future and I think it’s hard to argue otherwise. But, what about heavy equipment such as tractors, skid steers, excavators, dozers, dump trucks etc? I am wondering what will happen to the value of the million dollars...
  4. jhogan2424

    Fender flare material

    Anyone have a good idea what material the black fender flares are made from on the CT? They are likely just plastic of some sort but could they be made of stainless that has been painted or coated?
  5. jhogan2424

    How can it be so affordable?

    The price increase on the Model Y this week got me to thinking…. How can the CT pricing that we all reserved not increase? The CT has many more options and is supposed to be priced nearly the same or even less in single or dual trims than the model Y costs today. If you were to take the current...
  6. jhogan2424

    How does Tesla decide where to install superchargers?

    I’m sure they have folks with strategic plans who tally up data from whatever sources and decide which general areas would be the most beneficial for Tesla and for Owners but I’m interested to know how they decide on a specific location or a particular piece of property. I sit on the zoning...
  7. jhogan2424

    Anyone else concerned about fog without radar?

    I was searching the forums for info regarding the recent removal of radar and I found a post from January of this year titled ”Tesla Files to use new millimeter-wave radar on FSD cars“ that shows without a doubt that Tesla was still working on improving and planning to use radar at that point...
  8. jhogan2424

    Does “Gigafactory” only refer to Tesla factories?

    I think I have a fair idea of what the word gigafactory means but please correct or elaborate where I am wrong (basically that the plant produces x number of what hours of EV battery storage per year, a million maybe?) but I am just curious if the word is reserved only for Tesla factories? I...