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  1. Rutrow

    Anybody been to Montenegro? Used the Tesla Go App? 😳

    I'm going to Montenegro at the end of the month and was searching The Google to see if Uber or Lyft were available there (they aren't*) when I came across Tesla Go App. It's in the App store and Google Play but is entirely based in the city of Podgorica, Capital of Montenegro. has a...
  2. Rutrow

    Gauging interest: CYBERTRUCK Airstream RV Intra-Club?

    As soon as my CYBERTRUCK arrives, I'm setting out on Airstream Galavant around the country. With such similar finish, yet dissimilar shape, I have a feeling there will be a fair number of RVers opting for an Airstream/CYBERTRUCK combination. Enough I hope to warrant a unique
  3. Rutrow

    Hallelujah! Font size finally adjustable option in software menu.

    Despite years of begging Elon for larger font in the Tesla UI, Tesla has finally included a font size selection option in the settings menu!!! The newest update: 2023.12 going out to employees today, includes increased Text size option. I can only guess that Elon's eyes have finally gotten old...
  4. Rutrow

    "Today I Learned" that newer 3s and Ys have a 16 volt electrical system

    I knew that newer Teslas had gone to LiION batteries but didn't know it was 16 volts. Interestingly, some of the battery labels didn't know that either (timestamp 4:35 in the video below) 😆 Don't believe the label if you have an early LiION low voltage battery, it may SAY it's 12v, but it...
  5. Rutrow

    Jordan Giesige (The Limiting Factor) : "We may not see the Long Range Version of the CyberTruck for a couple of years"

    The Limiting Factor is out with his latest video and he is suspicious that the 4680s will achieve neither the gravimetric nor the volumetric density necessary for the Long Range CyberTruck for several years. 😫
  6. Rutrow

    Tesla Insurance rates for FSD vs non-FSD equipped?

    Is there anyone who has Tesla Insurance for similar vehicles with FSD purchased as well as FSD not purchased? I'm in a non-Tesla Insurance state and hope it comes to Arkansas soon. I'm curious whether Tesla has different rates for cars with and without FSD. I'm less interested whether using FSD...
  7. Rutrow

    No Frunk for the Semi.