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  1. Crissa

    4680 Model Y pulled from US pre-order

    Interestingly - since just Wednesday I checked and - the 4680 Model Y has been seemingly removed from the design studio. Either this means they know how to make the 4680 in the Long Range version or something's up as they ready the factory... -Crissa
  2. Crissa

    Tesla Universal Wall Connector now has Magic Dock! This is pretty cool, and deals with compatibility with J-plugs in the box. I'm tempted to buy it. -Crissa
  3. Crissa

    Charging networks won't be solved by NACS

    Reliability, cable weight, and the CCS protocol still are bugs to be worked out before the charging woes will be cleaned up. And perhaps more frustrating, that means even the Supercharger network is also going to have teething issues as they adapt to being compatible with more vehicles. Having...
  4. Crissa

    Cyber cell is ready; no more range anxiety.

    The 'Cyber cell' is ready and meeting expectations. This is what they said on the earnings call. So... No more worrying about how they're going to reach 500 miles of range; they know the answer, even if we don't. Okay? -Crissa
  5. Crissa

    Solar trailer event Sounds kinda interesting! I love me a little pop-up event. Solar and electric trailers often are a topic around here... -Crissa
  6. Crissa

    Would you still buy the Cybertruck if it goes up in price by $10K?

    We've had this argument a dozen times. Raising the price by $10K is only 14% for the Tri Motor, but it's 20% for the Dual. 3/Y prices are back to what they were when the Cybertruck was released. Performance would be the 500 mile range version, Standard would be the 300 mile one. So... Let's...
  7. Crissa

    It's not any Tesla...

    Lowest taxes in the state and... man, these roads are terrible. Hehe ^-^ -Crissa
  8. Crissa

    Dirty Tesla covers all Cybertruck updates after Investor day...

    Pretty comprehensive, honestly. Probably a good one to show your spouse ^-^ -Crissa
  9. Crissa

    Lightning owners use their trucks more than ICE Ford F150 owners. Fascinating stuff! Apparently the average for those who sought out the electric F150 were far more active than the more common...
  10. Crissa

    And this is why the Cybertruck will be the better truck, safety.

    Sometime you need to carry things that don't fit in a van. And I can't rent an EV van or truck until someone buys them anyhow. And this is why the Cybertruck will be better: It's only taller when it needs to be. It's only uncovered when it needs to be. It has a nose that doesn't hide a...
  11. Crissa

    Do you think the bed width is...

    We've had much handwringing since someone said the bed was 4' by 6'. We don't know who, but they're presumably an employee. But we also don't know how they were measuring it, or if they were rounding any. -Crissa
  12. Crissa

    Silverado EVs spotted doing road tests in public

    Looking good, to be honest. They're really pushing their availability. I wonder where I am in their queue... -Crissa
  13. Crissa

    Aptera shows how mega-body-piece construction works in their pre-production...

    Imagine those big pieces we saw in the Cybertruck being slotting in, instead of many pieces, bit stamped and cast pieces linking together. -Crissa
  14. Crissa

    Having a dealer network and body expertise isn't applicable to an EV

    Not to laugh at someone's misfortune, because there will be those problems and certain cars will have a malfunction from time to time (like those Model Ys which the heat pump flaps froze open, or the poor guy whose Model S couldn't prep the battery for charging under a certain temperature)...
  15. Crissa

    Hummer Review! by Transport Evolved

    Photobombed by a Smart Car at four minutes. At seven minutes they observe it's kinda loud. 43 minutes, Nikki discusses how it uses more power than her Lightning did while towing. ...And they make positive noises about the Cybertruck in their comparisons. -Crissa
  16. Crissa

    Investing news: Aptera opens another crowdfunding round Aptera is running another round of crowd funding, although this one is open until they begin shipping. Probably don't want to be in the position Sonos is in, where institutional investors have demanded they liquidate and compromise their...
  17. Crissa

    EVs vs Floods - no, Florida, they don't explode.

    Transport Evolved takes this on in a rather straightforward way. Warning, lots of chemistry. -Crissa
  18. Crissa

    Thanks to companies like Tesla, California may be going up a slot... California's preliminary data shows GDP growth placing us as the fourth largest economy in the world. -Crissa
  19. Crissa

    New Austin live event next week:

    Ooo, this sounds fun. Furry clubbing is the best. -Crissa