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  1. Cybertruck parked at garage (shows vault bed lights!)

    LED light confirmed in the bed
  2. Latest Cybertruck Delivery Rumors (as of 8/23/23)

    One error is the assumption that the "mid to high" 70s is estimated to be 79k. I assume 75k. That said, I believe a dual motor has a shot of being 55 to 59k.
  3. Cybertruck prices (from reveal night) adjusted for inflation

    This doesn't account for inflation in auto loan interest rates. This is a price-finding factor that Elon himself pondered about. An increase of 5k, I believe, will be the final price.
  4. Closeups of 7 new Cybertrucks spotted on 2 trailers (from 8/21/23) -- walkaround video

    Pretty sure I still didn't get to see the back seats. Smh
  5. Video: Camo'd Cybertruck with lights on at night (headlight bar, fog lights, turn signals, rear light bar)

    Wake me up when we can see the backseat or price at this point.
  6. Wade pit! Cybertruck in water fording test at Giga Factory [Aug 18]

    Yeah yeah yeah, show me the back seat.
  7. Crash Tested Cybertruck Parked at Arkansas Hampton Inn Overnight [Interior + Exterior Pics]

    Fk measurements, atleast get a shot of the back seat for christ sake
  8. Crash Tested Cybertruck Parked at Arkansas Hampton Inn Overnight [Interior + Exterior Pics]

    Still no backshots smh. I guess i gotta wait till a special day.
  9. Cybertruck wrapped like an ICE F-150 🧐 Frunk Open Look (No Tub Installed)

    I showed my wife this pic and she said see thats a real truck. I agreed lol.
  10. 2 Cybertrucks Leaving GFTX On Special Enclosed Carrier!

    Tesla gonna keep the original price and corner the market
  11. Cybertruck specs and pricing announcement when?

    Agree this guy completely ignored Elon's recent statements on price smh. I really dont bother with debating prices with people anymore. They just trolling at this point.
  12. Great time for Cybertruck PRICING PREDICTIONS

    I agree. At reveal, the cybertruck was price matched with the model Y. I believe it would maintain the same format for pricing
  13. ARK Invest: What Will Demand Be For The Cybertruck?

    All this math means nothing without the price of the truck.
  14. Leaked interior Cybertruck photo!

    more like a GLA
  15. Leaked interior Cybertruck photo!

    Things I don't see: Charging station for devices Front hood ( visibility is low) Middle seat Stalks The cybertruck looks tight for the little guy in the driver's seat. I don't know if my fat azz will fit in there. I hope it's a little wider post-production.
  16. Cybertruck spotted driving next to Chevy Silverado!

    I feel like there is an empty billboard space in the rearview. And concerning the side portion, maybe a cutout will do the job