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  1. greggertruck

    🕶️ Elon takes Prime Minister Netanyahu for a Cybertruck spin and interior look! [⚠️ ADMIN WARNING: NO POLITICS]

    Imagine getting to take a ride in Cybertruck with @elonmusk personally!! Lucky dog, @netanyahu Looks like this frunk fit has been corrected, truck is spotless! Look close at the red iris on the HW4 center cameras.
  2. greggertruck

    Child seat (front facing) install in Cybertruck -- first look photo

    So Tacoma sized. wow.. /s I have believed for a long time, if you took Model Y, and put a bed on it... You'd have Cybertruck. 40.5" back leg room, about that up front too. In line with the coveted "F150"
  3. greggertruck

    Cybertruck really showcasing its 4WS agility, parking lot follower flank 🤣

    full video I trimmed and posted on my Twitter too.
  4. greggertruck

    Cybertruck Frunk Open / Close Action Video!!

    Posting my tweet as it is specifically the clip in attention. Brad Sloan today :
  5. greggertruck

    Cybertrucks Production Candidate Builds (7XX) Spotted On Road From GFTX

    @MsDee13OFOD on X posted a video and a photo, I flipped her video and also scrubbed to ID. These appear to be 7XX builds. The trucks are westbound on the 10. Maybe I'll catch these in Phoenix! 😬 edit* Deanna DM'd me another shot clearly showing 706 on one of the Cybertrucks!
  6. greggertruck

    Cybertruck stops by Tesla Service Center in Monterey!

    Videos shot by witness in person:
  7. greggertruck

    Cybertruck is now a drop-off selection option on Tesla Service Center pads!

    Cybertruck is a selectable option at @Tesla service centers for drop off?! Pay attention to the yellow line. We were told when we dropped off by the advisor that they "upgraded all the lifts to support Cybertruck last month" too!
  8. greggertruck

    UNOFFICIAL: The 100th Cybertruck Has Been Completed at Giga Texas!

    14 total were seen on the lot Based on counts, having seen 687 the other day, this would add up to 101, minimum.
  9. greggertruck

    Seven various Cybertrucks spotted at GFTX today, including build "689"!

    Not clear enough but I think that's 691 next to it! Version 6, build 89 is what that breaks down to.