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  1. Solar Panel planning for the Cybertruck

    I’m building a new house and adding solar panels and a power wall after we move in. Can anyone take a guess on how much extra solar panels/capacity I should add to my system for charging of a Cybertruck (and also a Model 2 in the future)?
  2. Riddle me this? What this black latch thingy on bed floor?

    Anyone know what this black latch/thingy is (red circle)? could it possibly be another sub vault that holds a spare tire? Also what are the blue circles and why does it seem like there is not a fourth?
  3. Cybertruck order and FSD price

    When I ordered the dual motor Cybertruck I also signed up for FSD at $8K. When the truck finally comes out will I still get FSD for 8k or will I have to pay more not that it is going for 10k?
  4. Estimate cost of charging a Dual Motor

    If my electrical company charges 11 cents per kWh can anyone take a rough guess on how much it will take to charge up a Dual Motor version?