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  1. Living in the Elon Fog of War

    There is a world of difference between a brand new vehicle, in a class (truck) that Tesla has never created before, that looks like nothing else on the road and a car that is essentially a bigger version of an existing car.
  2. Confirmed Cybertruck specs: 5% smaller, 6x4 bed size, 5 seats, frunk, no pass through & more... (info from Tesla employee at Investor Day)

    My truck has a 5.3' bed and I haul 8x4 sheet goods just fine. There is just no need at all for a longer bed for an every day truck. I can haul sheet goods with tailgate up or down no problems. When I haul drywall I put gate down and just strap it in. A 6 foot bed is already too long and just...
  3. Forbes Cybertruck Hit Piece: "Musk’s Cybertruck Is Almost Here. But Will Anyone Buy The ‘Ludicrous’ Vehicle?"

    There is no such thing as journalism any longer. It's completely dead and buried.
  4. What is this with GigaAustin tours?

    You'll be waiting a long time seeing as how Tesla doesn't have dealerships. :)
  5. CyberTaxi

    Legit question, does anyone here actually think that robotaxis will be an option in under a decade? Keep in mind for Tesla's robotaxi vision you will need level 5 autonomy as they want it to handle anywhere, unlike waymo for example which is adopting specific locations/areas. Keep in mind that...
  6. What is this with GigaAustin tours?

    I am just hoping that pickup/delivery at the gigafactory is an option! Look up Lockhart, TX. Its about 30 or so min south of Austin. There you will find, what is IMO, the best BBQ in the state and world. There are several incredible places in Lockhart and it is, IMO, well worth the short drive.

    No you are not. There is no queue.
  8. Exact dimensions of Cybertruck? Will it fit in 19 ft deep garage?

    Existing Model 3's (at least mine) cannot (without hitting something) so why would you think a bigger CT could?
  9. Model 2 ($25k model) & Robotaxi will be Cybertruck inspired -- according to upcoming Musk biography

    Its just dumb, worse than dumb idiotic. FSD is decades away from being able to operate without controls.
  10. Child seat (front facing) install in Cybertruck -- first look photo

    Nah they should chop a foot off the bed if you want more room inside. There just isn't a need for a 6' bed in a pickup. Mine has a 5' bed and with the tailgate down it supports anything I want to haul, even drywall just fine.
  11. Will "Joe the Contractor" buy the CT?

    I think you aren't thinking through this clearly. Look at the cost to buy an EV vs an ICE car. People with lower income can't buy EV, even used. That won't change until/unless we get a significant energy storage breakthrough. Look at what Ford dealers did with Lightnings. Ford mandated...
  12. Will "Joe the Contractor" buy the CT?

    The earliest I am aware of is CA banning the sale of *new* gas cars in 2035. That's *12* years away, that's not "a few years" at all! Even if other states follow suit people will just drive across the border to buy new gas cars if that's what they want. You can't realistically change people's...
  13. Will "Joe the Contractor" buy the CT?

    Baloney. That's a small, but yes significant, portion of the truck market. Commercial truck sales were 476k in 2022. Eventually Tesla can lower prices to the point where they can compete for that market but it absolutely is not needed to make a "deep impact".
  14. Latest Cybertruck Delivery Rumors (as of 8/23/23)

    There is zero chance that dual motor is 80k. That would be going from 50k announced price in 2019 to 80k now, that's a 60% increase. Nothing else in their fleet is more than 10k over what it was in 2019. That's also more expensive than other EV trucks with that range and Elon has already said...
  15. Pricing ramifications for Cybertruck - based on recent FSD and Model 3 pricing changes

    Auto park and summon used to be part of EAP not sure if that is still true or not. Personally I don't use either as they just don't work. (In this context the number of times I have to stop them in order to avoid hitting another car is not working for me.)
  16. Self driving backing up when towing a trailer ?

    FSD is no where near able to drive in a straight line on some roads still. We are multiple decades away from level 5 autonomy. So no, auto backing up with a trailer is not even within sight.
  17. Possible Cybertruck in-depth video coming from Carwow

    Zero chance that Tesla's first confirmation of a possible van would be with a random youtuber.
  18. Cybertruck in new RC (Release Candidate) wrap!

    Nobody knows, lots of speculation and guesses but no actual answers.
  19. Cybertruck in new RC (Release Candidate) wrap!

    Well now if it does not come with a remote control I'll have to claim false advertising!